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Police Cadets

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Warwickshire Police Cadets

We are a scheme for young people aged 13-18 who want to make a positive contribution to there local communities through Social Actions and other Police led activities. We have two Schemes in Warwickshire, the Juniors for those aged 13-16 and the Senior Scheme for those age 16+

Our Volunteer Police Cadet scheme provides an environment where young people can be themselves, a place to harness their community sprit to help others, also learn new skills and to become a positive driven member of their communities.

The Warwickshire Police Cadet programme provides a basis for young people to do just this and aims to facilitate opportunities that enable them to do good in their communities. The purpose of the scheme is not aimed at recruiting more police officers although many cadets do continue to be involved in Policing when they leave, this is a scheme aimed at allowing young people to flourish and to be proud of what they can achieve by helping others.

Warwickshire Police Cadets are part of the national body which oversees Police cadets in the UK, The Volunteer Police Cadets or VPC.

The Aims of the VPC and Warwickshire Police cadets are:-

*To promote a practical understanding of policing amongst all young people.

*To encourage the spirit of adventure and good citizenship.

*To support local policing priorities through volunteering and give young people a chance to be heard.

* To inspire young people to participate positively in their communities.

The VPC and Warwickshire Police believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to thrive regardless of his or her background.

Locally and nationally Police cadet schemes encourage young people from all backgrounds to join, including those who may be vulnerable to the influences of crime and social exclusion.

Our Scheme has a diverse group of young people aged 13 - 18 years, who have a joint desire to support their local communities and gain a practical understanding of policing. 

You can contact us at

You can also follow us on Facebook (Opens in a new window) or Twitter @warkscadets