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Staff stories - apprentices

Charlotte, HR Assistant Apprentice

I applied for this HR Apprenticeship because I have always been interested in law enforcement and business. I was very nervous when applying to work for the police, as I have always found police officers to be quite daunting, but working here has made me feel very comfortable with working around police officers on a daily basis.

I would mainly like to gain HR and recruitment experience from this apprenticeship, as this is what I can see myself doing as a career, whilst getting some more in depth knowledge about how similar processes are applied in all business scenarios.

However, I would also love to take this opportunity to find a lot more about the police and how systems work throughout different departments in the business. I have been told that I will get the chance to do this in the upcoming months, which I will find very interesting.

Daniel, Level 3 Finance Apprentice

I went to the University of Worcester and now I work in the Finance department for Warwickshire Police. Warwickshire Police has great opportunity to further my career whilst receiving excellent training in order to become competent.

My inspiration along the way are my positive and willing to help colleagues. I've been most proud of how quickly I have managed to gain an understanding of what my role consists of in the management accounting team.

The barriers and challenges I have come across so far is trying to gain a knowledge on how all of the computer-based programmes operate. However, once you understand the programmes they become second nature.

I would personally say the best thing about working for the police is their eagerness to help you develop your skills and knowledge. Other positives are an excellent pension and flexi-time.