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Staff stories - sergeants

Sgt Amarjit Atwal
Sgt Amarjit Atwal
Sgt Amarjit Atwal

I was brought up and raised in the Leamington area, and had a number of encounters with the police service, initially a child as a victim of a burglary and then later with officers who were serving at the time. I had a very positive encounter with the police both times.

I joined the organisation in 2001. I started on patrol, then went on to be a community beat officer, then changed on to a local crime fighting team. From there, I was on a Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), passing my sergeant's exam and returning to patrol as a sergeant.

When I have been able to make a difference to someone's life and had a positive impact upon them, which has happened frequently with the SNT, is a very rewarding feeling.

It's a very self-rewarding experience, you deal with a whole spectrum of incidents and events which help you grow as an individual. There are some very testing times but all that helps you grow.

Sergeant Sally Bunyard-Spiers
Sergeant Sally Bunyard-Spiers
Sgt Sally Bunyard-Spiers, Custody Sergeant

I was born and bred in Warwickshire, so always wanted to complete my career within Warwickshire. I feel that it is still important to be part of the community that we work in, as it gives me a better understanding of the issues and requirements of the community. It is important to build strong relationships, but also to know local suspects, thus deterring crime even when off duty. I think working for a smaller organisation is more personal and allows you to develop better working relationships with your colleagues and the leaders of the organisation.

I started my career with South Wales Police, where my ambition was to work within the Traffic Department. I achieved this after five years of service and thoroughly enjoyed my role within this department. I eventually transferred to Warwickshire Police in 2006, where I joined the Safer Neighbourhood Team in Rugby. I was promoted to Sergeant in 2009, whereby I took up a role in Leamington Spa, then was assigned to the role of Custody Sergeant. Following three years in this role I moved back to Rugby on Patrol.

My current role is a Custody Sergeant at Leamington Spa, where I have been for the past couple of years. I have passed my Inspector's exam, but as I am currently enjoying my role in custody, I have not moved forward with promotion at this time.

The very best thing about my job is being part of a team - the ability of a group of individuals to work together to achieve a positive outcome for the community and the organisation, and having the desire to build strong relationships with colleagues and the community, thereby achieving justice for all.

Warwickshire Police is a small force with a big heart. It has a diverse community with both rural and urban policing, which allows officers to experience an array of different types of incidents and objectives. It has experienced many changes over the years which have been positive, such as moving towards mobile policing, which allows officers to spend more time in their communities. Warwickshire Police is a forward-thinking organisation that emphasises leadership and development as its main objectives for its staff. If you're willing to work hard you will feel the benefits of being part of Warwickshire Police.