Talk to Warwickshire Police. You and your family will be supported and referred for practical help and support. We can start investigations and take action to make sure that criminals are stopped, held accountable and prevented from causing further harm to others.

Warwickshire Police have a number of officers who are specially trained to support victims of modern slavery and conduct modern slavery investigations.

Alternatively you can contact a range of independent charities:

  • The Modern Slavery Helpline - the helpline provides help and advice for current and former victims. Telephone 0800 121700 or visit their website.
  • Migrant Help - an organisation giving support and advice services to migrants. Telephone 028 9244 8449
  • Beyond the Streets - a charity who sees the possibility of life beyond sexual exploitation, keeping women safe from coercion, violence and abuse. Telephone 0800 133 7870 or go visit their website