Protect: tackling serious and organised crime together.

Warwickshire Police's Protect campaign seeks to tackle serious and organised crime (SOC) and the harm it causes in our communities.

Working closely with our partners, Protect will ensure we are in the best possible position to pursue, prevent, protect and prepare against organised crime groups.

We want to empower and engage our local communities as we believe they will play an integral part of the solution in tackling SOC.

We have teams to target problems specific to your local community, be that relating to drugs, burglary, modern day slavery, economic crime or fraud.

Using new ways of working we will relentlessly pursue those involved to disrupt and dismantle their criminality, making sure they are not just put before the courts but also stripped of their ill-gotten gains.

We are committed to protecting the most vulnerable people in our communities from harm and know that tackling serious and organised crime will play a big part in this.

Over the coming months, we will be highlighting a range of activity and operations taking place across both force areas. You can keep an eye on the progress of the campaign on our Facebook and Twitter social media channels. We'll be using the hashtag #Protect on Twitter.