Warwickshire Police aims to deliver the highest possible standard of service to victims of crime and to do this we need to understand any quality of service issues and importantly how we can improve. 

As part of this process, and as mandated by the Home Office, satisfaction surveys are carried out with a randomly selected number of victims of crime each month.  This work is carried out  on our behalf by a company called SMSR Ltd, based in Hull, who we have a specific contract with in line with the Data Protection Act 2018. 

We therefore intend to pass on some details from your call to SMSR so that they can get in contact you.  If you do not want us to pass any of your details to SMSR you can opt out by emailing and providing your name, address and the unique reference number given to you.

[email protected]

If you are contacted by SMSR and would like to check it is a genuine call, please email Gill Wall (Consultation and Engagement Lead): [email protected]

* The use of people’s personal information for this purpose is covered on our notification under the Data Protection Act 2018 as ‘Administration and Ancillary Support for Policing Purposes’. 

The Data Protection Act enables an organisation to pass personal information to another company to use on their behalf but requires that there is a written contract specifying the limitations of use of the personal information. 

In addition to the contract securing the services of SMSR Ltd. we also have a data processing contract, which deals specifically with issues relating to the use of personal information.

This contract states that SMSR Ltd may use the information only for the purpose of conducting interviews and other specific services on behalf of Warwickshire Police. It also states that the personal information is not to be used or retained by SMSR Ltd for any other purpose, that approved security measures are put in place to protect the data and that all SMSR Ltd. staff having access to the information must sign a confidentiality agreement pointing out their personal liability for criminal prosecution should they misuse the information. 

From time to time, Warwickshire Police may also outsource public perception survey work to SMSR Ltd.

More information about the Data Protection Act 1998 and your rights can be found on the Office of the Information Commissioner website https://ico.org.uk/ where you can also contact them directly.