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Employer Supported Policing

What is Employer Supported Policing?

Special Constables at work in the community
Special Constables at work in the community

Employer Supported Policing (ESP) is a scheme in which employers support their staff who volunteer as Special Constables or Police Support Volunteers with Warwickshire Police.

Organisations can promote ESP by actively encouraging their staff to volunteer with Warwickshire Police.

ESP is an effective, valuable partnership between employers, their staff and Warwickshire Police. It supports Special Constables in their duties to protect the communities they serve, increases public safety and confidence, and enables the partners to working together proactively.

How can my organisation be involved?

Warwickshire Police are asking organisations to consider releasing their staff who are Special Constables and Police Support Volunteers by giving them paid time off to undertake their volunteer police duties and/or training.

Why engage in ESP?

The ESP scheme increases the diversity of knowledge within a workforce, offers a rewarding scheme to participate in, as well as supporting the ethical, social and community aims of many organisations.

The scheme contributes to a safer, more resilient and empowered society. This leads to community wellbeing through volunteers who enhance the connections between industry, the public sector, enterprises and employers, as well as promoting active citizenship and engagement with policing.

What are the benefits of ESP for employers?

• Supporting the local community
• Crime reduction advice and support
• Enhanced reputation in the local community
• Positive marketing opportunity
• Staff development/training and transferable skills
• Improved staff wellbeing/morale
• Greater staff retention resulting in lower recruitment costs.

For employees the benefits can include:

• Professional development
• Enhanced skills/training - valuable for career progression
• Employers giving staff a better working experience
• Fulfilment/improved relationship with employer
• A sense of wellbeing within the workplace
• More flexibility to attend training/police duty
• Giving something back to the community.

The benefits for the community include:

• Increased direct engagement with local police
• Increased reassurance due to more visible policing on the street
• Increased public confidence
• Greater resources for tackling crime and disorder, resulting in lower levels of crime and higher sense of security
• Enhanced connections between the community and businesses.

How does ESP benefit Warwickshire Police?

• Additional police resources increasing visibility
• Rise in public reassurance and confidence
• Improved retention
• Opportunities to increase recruitment
• Positive engagement with local business and communities
• Positive marketing opportunities.

How ESP works

As an employer who supports ESP you will be asked to promote Warwickshire Police Special Constabulary through your internal communication channels and publish information about ESP in your in-house policies.

Should a member of your staff pass the recruitment process and become a Special Constable we would ask you to sponsor them by giving them an agreed number of hours per month/days per year to carry out their police duties in the local community.

What can you do as an employer to support ESP?

• Publish/highlight your organisation's policies/guidelines which support ESP
• Encourage your staff to become Special Constables
• Give staff a minimum of four hours per month paid time off for Special Constabulary duties.


Email us at to register your interest in ESP.

To start an application to become a Special Constable click here.

pdf icon Employer Supported Policing leaflet [483kb] pdf icon Employer Supported Policing poster [346kb]