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About the Cadets, by the Cadets

Skern Group Climbing

Short reports written by the Cadets themselves.


Joining the Cadets

"Since joining Cadets I've met new and exciting people and I have loved getting to know them. Both the leaders and other Cadets have helped me gain confidence and I have loved every moment spent in Cadets. I get along with everyone, even those who are different from myself.

When I joined I was not as confidant as I am now, I was extremely nervous about meeting the people I was going to spend every Thursday  with for the next 2 years.

Over the induction weekend where the North detachment met the South my nerves were all over the place. But after a few ice breakers and an egg drop challenge, I knew I'd met some of the nicest , funniest people I now know. Now I couldn't imagine not joining Cadets, not meeting everyone, not knowing the Cadet Leaders and not doing everything we are doing.

I honestly recommend joining the Police Cadets since I really enjoy learning something new with people whose company I enjoy!"

South Warwickshire Cadet Feb 2015


"One of the main things that have made an impact on me whilst being apart of the Police Cadets is the S.O.P.H.I.E exercise. I have not only taken part in this activity but also had the opportunity to facilitate the exercise.

S.O.P.H.I.E is a programme put together by Sylvia Lancaster the mother of Sophie Lancaster. Sophie and her boyfriend were assaulted to the point of life changing injuries and in Sophie's case death. In honour of her life this programme was put together, a way of insuring this may never happen again. The reason for the assault was simply because Sophie and her boyfriend looked, and because of this it cost them their lives.

The exercises in the programme promote the fact that there are different sub-cultures that we may not know about but we see everyday, and not to judge a book by its cover. The subject itself is a massive eye opener as we are not exposed to this kind of information often and being part of the Police Cadets is a great chance to become involved."

South Warwickshire Cadet  Feb 2015

Click here to go the Sophie Lancaster Foundation website


"I am proud of being a part of Warwickshire Police Cadets I think it s a great opportunity for young people. I personally believe since I have been in Cadets I feel more responsible and mature as a whole.

For anyone that wants to join or are thinking about applying I really think you should. You meet new people, get a qualification in leadership, you also learn about the law and get an insight into various departments within the Police.

I also believe by joining the Cadets I have opened various career paths. If you want to do anything Police based I advise you to join the Police Cadets."

South WarwickshireCadet Feb 2015

Remembrance Parade

"The remembrance parade was the first time all of us Cadets went out together as a squad. I felt immensely proud to be part of the parade. We practiced extremely hard to learn and understand how to march. On the day of the Remembrance Parade we were all nervous as we hadn't had a lot of experience as a group on official parades.

During the parade we paid our respects to those who had lost their lives in wars. It was a feeling I had never felt before. We felt the part in our uniforms and we were extremely smart on the day. I've been in the parade before with my school however, this time I was part of a team and it was the first time I'd marched. This made it a very special and proud moment for me."

South Warwickshire Cadet

Feb 2015

Collision Investigation

"The Collision Investigation was really exciting and action packed! Not only did we have the opportunity to experience a real life brake test (a lot of screeching and dust) but we also got a real feel for what a crash scene must be like for any investigating officers involved. I established an appreciation for how for how they are able to cope in pressured and dangerous conditions, on motorways for example. It was interesting to discover how much skill was required for setting out the cones, its almost and art form."

South WarwickshireCadet Feb 2015 Remembrance Parade

"Thanks to Warwickshire Police Cadets I was given the opportunity to take part in Leamington Spas Remembrance Parade. This gave me the chance to not just take part in silence or stand by and watch, I got to march in the parade with my colleagues alongside the Army, Scouts and Sea Cadets. It was an honour to march in the Parade and play a part in one of countries most important events and pay respect to soldiers of the past, that defended our way of life and the soldiers of the present, who gave their lives trying to make other nations a better and safer place to live. I am also grateful for the training I received that taught me how to march and prepare me for the parade, we marched well and in sync. It was a great feeling when we pulled it off. I am proud to have taken part, marched well and proud to be part of Warwickshire Police Cadets. "

South Warwickshire Cadet Feb 2015