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Business fraud

Businesses can also become victim of identity theft and fraud, so taking steps to protect your company, employees and customers should be a top priority.

Shockingly, many companies take too few precautions with the sensitive material they throw away or leave for recycling, putting themselves, customers and employees at risk.

Businesses can find themselves being targeted by criminals, who use their identity to trade off the real company's name to obtain goods and services on credit from suppliers. However this is not the only area of risk, fraudsters can obtain signatures from public records and attempt to attack company bank accounts by claiming to be the signatory on an account.

Protect your company and customers

Some simple measures can go a long way to reducing the likelihood of identity fraud taking place:

  • Document procedures
    Having a well formulated document disposal policy in place, and adhering to it, is the first crucial step in protecting your business from corporation identity fraud. When disposing of documents, make sure to shred them so that personal information cannot be gathered.
  • Make your staff aware of ID fraud
    Caution staff about the risk of giving out company information online or over the phone without first checking to whom they are giving the information to. As part of your security policy, you should implement guidelines on what personal information should be divulged to third parties, particularly by electronic means such as email.
  • Limit access
    Only key members of staff should have access to highly sensitive documents, which should be stored securely.
  • Check identities
    Check the identity of your customers, both businesses and consumers. Credit reference agencies offer a wide range of solutions to authenticate and verify the identity of customers to ensure that they exist and really are who they say they are.
  • Reduce the risk of electronic hi-jacking
    Make sure your computer systems employ robust anti-virus software and secure firewalls to ensure the security of networks and the sensitive information they store.
  • Reduce the risk from paper based documents
    Companies House also provides advice to businesses on corporate identity fraud, including providing secure electronic ways to file documents of registration. Find out more at Companies House.