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The sex offenders register

More and more young people are being placed on the Sex Offenders Register for behaviour that may seem harmless at the time but turns into something that affects the rest of their life.


The Sex Offenders Register is NOT just for paedophiles.


Think before you act


  • Touching someone elses private parts
  • Posting sexual suggestions on Facebook that could be taken the wrong way
  • Silly misbehaviour such as exposure of private parts or sending pictures of this behaviour by text, snapchat, webcam or social networks
  • If you are in a sexual relationship with someone under 16 years old


All of these acts could get you into a lot of trouble and put you on the Sex Offender Register.


If you are on the Sex Offenders Register it can affect your future. You will not be able to do certain jobs such as work with children, work as a teacher, work for the police, work in a hospital and many others.