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Robbery and Theft

What is Theft?

Theft is taking something that isn't yours, e.g. from a shop(shoplifting), someone elses house or a car.

The more valuable the thing you steal is, the more trouble you will be in

  • Theft is more serious if you plan it beforehand
  • Acting as a look out for someone who is stealing makes you part of the theft. You don't have to steal something to be found guilty
  • If you leave a café or a taxi on purpose without paying, you can be charged with theft.

Consequences of committing theft, including shoplifting

  • You could receive a police youth caution or have to take part in a restorative justice resolution, your name will be on police record, which can affect employment and travel prospects for the future.
  • If you continue to offend you may have to go to court.
  • You could be banned from visiting a particular shop or shopping centre.
  • A criminal record which will affect your future employment and travel opportunities.


What is Robbery?

Robbery is when you use or threaten to use force to steal. It's more serious than theft and you can be guilty of robbery even if you're part of a group that robbed someone.

A robbery is a robbery, no matter what the value of the item that is taken. Even stealing a bag of crisps can be classed as a robbery if the offender uses force or the threat of force.

Robbery is a more serious crime than theft and this is reflected in the penalties you can receive and has a maximum sentence of Life Imprisonment.

Consequences for committing robbery

  • A charge for robbery in most of cases even for those under 18 means an appearance in a court .
  • Time in a Young Offenders' Institution.
  • A criminal record which will affect you future employment and travel opportunities.