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Personal Safety

Top tips for keeping yourself safe

  • Let someone know where you are going
  • Always walk facing oncoming traffic when you can
  • Do not have your music on too loud - be aware of what is going on around you
  • Change any route you walk regularly from time to time
  • Keep to well lit areas
  • Keep your keys and your phone separate
  • Don't show off your phone or MP3 player - keep it hidden, keep it safe
  • If you are travelling on public transport try and get someone to meet you at your destination.

If your safety is threatened

  • Try and stay calm so you can think clearly
  • Move away from the situation to a place of safety, e.g. a shop or public building
  • Raise the alarm - this can be done by shouting, screaming or activating a personal attack alarm
  • Don't fight back or try to be a hero
  • Hand over whatever is wanted - property can be replaced - you can't be!