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Healthcare Professional (HCP)

This can be a nurse or a doctor who is suitably qualified to carry out their role and their training will have included working in a custodial environment. Their responsibility is in relation to the welfare of detainees; to prescribe and administer medication; substance misuse and to examine and record injuries. The list however is not exhaustive. They also provide advice for fitness to be detained and fit to be interviewed. Warwickshire have contracted out this service to Primecare.

Some custody suites have a nurse embedded at that location and the service is supported by a number of doctors who are available on a rota basis. Healthcare provision is available 24\7 but where necessary, staff have local A&E facilities near by to support specific medical needs if required.

Any detainee who sees a HCP will receive a healthcare screening examination. This includes assessing for learning disabilities and mental health issues. The medical notes do not form part of the custody record and are therefore treated as confidential.

If a detainee is believed to have a mental disorder or learning disability, the custody sergeant will ensure that a HCP is called to assess them. Where a detainee is believed to have a learning disability, the HCP will inform the custody sergeant that an appropriate adult will be required to attend. An Easy read text of the Notice of Rights and Entitlements is available

If a HCP confirms that a detainee has mental health issues, they will arrange for a mental health assessment. This will require the attendance of an Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP).

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