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Victim of crime survey

Find out about the work we do to ensure we meet the expectations of victims of crime

Police Officer taking a statement
Police Officer taking a statement
 Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police are always striving to provide you with the best possible service that we can. We want you to be satisfied with the service that we are delivering.

To ensure that we achieve this, the consultation unit based at West Mercia Police headquarters, carry out victim of crime surveys with victims of certain incidents and crimes. This not only helps us to assess whether your needs and expectations are being met; but also enables us to shape and improve the service that we provide.

What is the victim of crime survey?

Telephone Survey 2
Telephone survey
We are required by the Home Office (along with every other force in England and Wales) to undertake a survey with victims of certain incidents and crimes, about the service they have received from the Police. Telephone interviews are completed 6 - 12 weeks after the initial report has been made.

The force surveys specific types of user groups, namely:

  • domestic burglary victims
  • violent crimes
  • vehicle crimes
  • racist incidents/hate crimes.

The survey leads the victim through the different stages of service that they would have experienced as a victim of crime, which are:

  • ease of contact - when the initial contact was made
  • actions taken - action taken by the Police
  • kept informed - being kept informed of progress of the case
  • treatment - treatment by all staff
  • whole experience - the overall service provided

In each of these stages of service, there is a mandatory core question. These questions seek to measure the satisfaction level of individuals in a consistent way, allowing comparisons to be drawn between forces.

How we are doing?

Providing reassurance to the public
Providing reassurance
Generally, victims tell us that they are satisfied with the service that we are providing them with.

During 2014/15 82.9% of victims said they were satisfied overall with how their crime was dealt with.

Also, victims tend to be satisfied with the way that they are treated by officers. 93.4% indicated that they were satisfied with how well they were treated (felt they were listened to, how sympathetic they felt the officer(s) was, how polite the officer(s) was and how seriously they felt the officer(s) took their crime).

An area that we are endeavouring to improve is how well we keep victims informed of the progress of their crime. We are working closely with local policing area command teams, who are introducing a range of specific initiatives which should result in victims feeling more satisfied that they have been kept up to date with how their crime is progressing. Currently, 69.9% of victims stated that they were satisfied with how they were kept up to date with the progress of their investigation. Through introducing a range of initiatives during the course of 2015/16, we are confident that this figure will improve.

For more information regarding the Victim of Crime survey please email