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Please answer the following 4 questions before moving onto our online form to help us ensure we direct your enquiry to the right part of the organisation. The form should take you around 10 minutes (dependent on the detail of the information provided).

This online service allows you to report your crime which is monitored daily between the hours of 08:00hrs - 22:00hrs. 

Upon completion and receipt of your report one of our Telephone Investigators from the Crime Bureau team will contact you within 24 hours with your crime number.

Thank you for using this service.

iCM Form
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    1. In order to complete this form please provide a valid email address below
    2. Are you reporting a crime that has happened in the Warwickshire or West Mercia Policing area? *
    3. Are you reporting an emergency that is happening now or is someone in danger? *
    4. Please go to the website and use the 'Find My Neighbourhood' button to find your local police service.

    5. This form is intended for reporting non-emergencies only so you may not get as quick as response, but
      we understand that you may not be able to access a phone, so please continue if this is the only method you have.
      If you can, please dial 999.