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Prevention of shoplifting

Shoplifting impacts on everyone, the retailer and the customer. By following the below guidelines you can reduce the opportunities of your shop being targeted by shoplifters.

Reduce the opportunity

Be alert

  • all members of staff should maintain vigilance at all times, anything unusual, e.g. people loitering outside, should be noted and reported to management and the police
  • be aware of large groups of people entering the shop together and then spreading out around to different areas. (This may be an attempt to distract staff)
  • put a height marker near the door to help with descriptions
  • be suspicious of people wearing clothing which appears unsuitable for weather conditions (e.g. heavy coat in warm weather). These may have internal pockets for secreting items inside
  • make sure your view of the main entrance of the store is not obstructed, this is important. If you can see the offender it may put them off and give you more time to react

Early acknowledgement

  • visitors or customers should be made aware that a member of staff has seen them enter. In other words eye contact or a verbal greeting should be made

Top tips

  1. Make sure you have the right tools to manage shop theft like good CCTV coverage
  2. Build good relationships with your local police and understand how to prepare evidence for them
  3. Be visibly consistent and firm with shop thieves,word will soon get around you're not an easy target

ACS Crime Report 2014 - Self Scan Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
ACS Crime Report 2014 - Self Scan
Crime Prevention

The Crime Report 2014 by the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) has detailed account of the costs, both human and monetary, of crime including shop theft, burglary, robbery and violence.

It also features comprehensive guidance on how you can prevent criminal activity from happening in your store.

November 2014: The Crime Report now features new information for retailers on dealing with issues surrounding self service tills. 

The report can be downloaded via the related link in the downloads section above.