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Needs assessment

As a victim or witness, if you are required to attend court to give evidence, you will be contacted by The Victim and Witness Service Centre to ascertain what help they can offer you.

The Victim and Witness Care Officer will ask you a number of questions, however, if you wish to notify them beforehand of any difficulties you may have in attending court please complete and submit the online form below (or you can download a Word version to be completed offline and either emailed or posted to us, via the related documents to the right).

iCM Form
  1. Your details
  2. Case details
  3. 1. The following questions will help us to determine your needs in relation to support we can give you throughout the criminal justice process.
    1. Special measures are options that the court can allow to enable a victim or witness to give the best evidence they can at court. Please note that special measures are not available to all persons in all cases.
    2. Label
      1. • Video taping rather than making a statement
      2. • Using a video link to the courtroom rather than giving evidence in the courtroom itself
      3. • Using screens in court
      4. • Clearing the public gallery to remove intimidation
      5. • Court officials removing their wigs and gowns (Crown Court only)
      6. • Using ‘intermediaries’ where a person cannot communicate in ordinary language
      7. • Using aids to communicate
    3. For example victim support, a hate crime agency, a domestic violence or sexual violence advisor. There are lots of agencies who can provide support to you with almost anything.
  4. 2. The following questions will help us to determine any needs you may have in relation to attending court.
  5. 3. Would you like to visit the court to familiarise yourself with the building, facilities, etc prior to the trial?
    1. Label
  6. Your contact details will be passed to Witness Service who will be in touch with you to arrange for you to visit the court.
  7. Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. On clicking submit below your details will be sent to The Victim and Witness Service Centre, Malvern Police Station, Victoria Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 2TE
  8. Submit your details