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Police warn people to keep their homes secure in hot weather

As we enter the hottest day of the year police are reminding people not to leave their homes open to thieves.

With the onset of the school summer holidays and the hot weather it can be easy to forget to take a few home security measures, yet open windows and doors are often an open invitation for thieves.

There were several burglaries in Warwickshire overnight where offenders have gained entry through unsecure doors and windows

Simple steps such as closing a window when you go out and locking doors can make all the difference and help prevent a house being targeted.

Holiday makers are also advised to take time to consider home security before they go away to give them peace of mind while they're on holiday.

Detective Inspector Dave Andrews said: "Crime prevention is absolutely crucial and anything residents can do to help protect their home can help make a difference. It can be easy in the summer months, especially when the weather is warm, to forget you've opened a window or left the back door open before you go out or go to bed.

"It only takes a few moments to double check but could help prevent your home being targeted. If you're in the back garden, make sure you haven't left any ground floor windows open at the front of the house and always make sure valuable items, such as car keys, mobile phones or wallets, are not in easy reach of an open window.

"If you're going away make sure the house is locked up before you go and the burglar alarm is set. Hide any valuable items from view from the outside and don't leave anything in the garden that could potentially be used to gain entry into your home. Be mindful of where you store your wheelie bin too and consider if it could be used for someone to climb on and access an upstairs window or used to climb over into the garden. If you're leaving the car at home and have a garage, park it in the garage while you're away rather than on the drive and if you've got gates close and lock them with a good quality lock."


Posted by Sam Cook, Communications Officer

Published 25/07/19