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Next Generation Text Service (replaces TextRelay)

If on telephone calls you can't hear the other person's voice or don't catch all that they're saying, or they can't understand what you're saying, the Next Generation Text (NGT) Service can help. Next Generation Text (NGT) Service has replaced Text Relay (also known as TextDirect and Typetalk).

The NGT Service works in a similar way to Text Relay and you can make calls in the same way as before using the same textphone or telephone:

  • Can't hear on the phone - a relay assistants will type what the other person is saying so that you can read their words.
  • Can't speak on the phone - type what you want to say and a relay assistant will speak your words to the other person.
  • Still want to use a textphone - no problem NGT works with textphones in the same way as the old Text Relay.

By using a smartphone, tablet, or computer and making a phone call you can type to a relay assistant who will speak your words to the person you're calling, and a relay assistant will type their reply so you can read it on your display. Whether you use NGT at home, in your office, or on the move you can order takeaways, book taxis, use phone banking, order goods, or just chat by typing and/or reading your phone conversation.

If you're making a call from a textphone:

Dial 18000 for emergency calls

Dial 18001 + number for non- emergency calls