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Alcester Police South SNT. Latest Weekly Report. Sunday 12th May 2019

Incidents of public interest from the last week:-


Alcester Police South SNT. Latest Weekly Report. Sunday 12th May 2019

Hello all.

This is our latest weekly report and prompt to see if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns for the Alcester Police South SNT. Thank you to those that have called the Team this week.

Incidents of a public interest from the last week:-


  • *Vehicle Crime. St Marys Road, Alcester. Info being taken while report being done. 1pm 12/05/2019 0162 12/05/2019

  • *Suspicious Circumstances. Moorfields Road, Alcester. Persons with torches seen on the old school premises. Area searched by police - not trace. No offences disclosed at the time. 2.50am Sunday 12th May. 0051 12/05/2019

  • *Suspicious Circumstances. Park, Kinwarton Road, Alcester. Youngsters riding through the park approached by two males who "demanded" their bikes. The youngsters rode off. No violence or threats were made. No offences disclosed. Caller was concerned that they may take bikes off others. The first male who demanded the bikes was dressed all in grey and had a beard. The second male was wearing a black top. 4.40pm Saturday 11th May. 0307 11/05/2019

  • *Suspicious Circumstances. Riddell Close, Alcester. Window of a van smashed. Caller concerned that it had been broken into. Awaiting a call from the owner to confirm if any offences had occurred. 4.30pm Saturday 11th May. 0286 11/05/2019

  • *Theft. Shop, Alcester Town. Two males have entered the shop and have stolen a number items by way of shoplifting. 5.55pm Wednesday 8th May. 0146 09/05/2019


  • *Vehicle Crime. School Road, Great Alne. Two men in balaclavas have stolen a secure pedal cycle fixed to the rear of vehicle. The offenders have then got into a Black BMW with a registration number ending in 'EHJ'. 3.15pm Monday 6th May. 0277 06/05/2019

  • *Anti-Social Behaviour. Wooded area, Great Alne. Report of off road motorcycles causing a nuisance in the area. Possibly Quad Bike. Ongoing problem. 4.30pm Sunday 5th May. 0268 05/05/2019


  • *Burglary Residential. Billesley. Secure garden and shed entered. Chainsaw, hedge trimmer and a Green Polaris 4x4 utility vehicle stolen. Overnight 9th & 10th May. 0084 10/05/2019

  • *Burglary Business. Billesley. Farm building entered and Quad Bike stolen.


  • *Vehicle Crime. Dunnington. Three men wearing face coverings from a Black BMW seen stealing tools from a works van. When the caller slowed down to see what was happening the offender(s) revealed that they had knives so the caller drove off and phoned police straight away. 2.40pm Saturday 11th May. 0240 11/05/2019 . This 3 Series Black BMW has been seen at a number of vehicle thefts around the area. It has tinted rear windows and black coloured allow wheels. They will often steal number plates from the area then use on their vehicle in order to hide its identity. If you see a vehicle fitting this description in suspicious circumstances, please contact the police asap.


  • *Theft. Shop, Bidford. Theft of items from shop by way of shoplifting. The male offender left the area in a Toyota vehicle with an Irish registered number plate. Offender was wearing a bright pink polo neck shirt, blue jeans and black baseball hat. 12.30pm Sunday 12th May. 0163 12/05/2019

  • *Theft. Wixford Road, Bidford. Grey Ifor Williams Trailers stolen from land. Offender(s) have gained access by fields and have removed a security chain to take the trailer. Overnight 11th & 12th May. 0098 12/05/2019

  • *Vehicle Crime. Grafton Lane, Bidford. Front number plate of car stolen. Daytime on Wednesday 8th May. 0076 09/05/2019

  • *Anti-Social Behaviour. Waterloo Road, Bidford. Mini motorbike seen riding on road, grass verges and play area. The rider was wearing all grey. Ongoing problem. 7.25pm Wednesday 8th May. 0354 08/05/2019

  • *Vehicle Crime. Grafton Lane, Bidford. Rear number plate of car stolen. Between 7th & 8th May. 0085 08/05/2019

  • *Burglary Business. Rush Lane, Bidford. Secure outbuilding broken into and a Multi coloured Moto CF 400 quad bike stolen. Intel from the area suggest that there was three offenders wearing balaclavas and they access the land via nearby fields. Between 10.30pm and 11.00pm Monday 6th May. 0215 07/05/2019


  • *Attempt Theft. Business premises, Pitchill. After hearing noises, two people have been seen trying to steal a Bronze Gorilla Statue from the premises. They were unable to take the Gorilla and left it at the scene. 3.45am Friday 10th May. 0026 10/05/2019

  • *Theft. Business Premises, Pitchill. Bronze Water features stolen from premises. King Frog, Queen Frog, Hippopotamus and Lady holding a Jug. Intel from the area suggest the offenders may have left in a Fiat Bravo type car. 3.30am Tuesday 7th May. 0029 07/05/2019


  • *Theft. Woods, Binton. Theft of seasoned logs from private land. Offender(s) have broken the padlock off the gate in order to gain access. The logs are Ash Sycamore and Birch in Ten Foot lengths. Between 10am 25th & 5pm 26th April. 0282 06/05/2019


  • *Vehicle Crime. Field gateway between Walcote and Aston Cantlow. Window of car smashed and laptop and jacket stolen from inside. The offender(s) arrived in a black coloured car. One of the occupants got out smashed the window with a hammer and stole the items before making good their escape. 8.50pm Friday 10th May. 0386 11/05/2019. Reported to police the next day.

  • *Vehicle Crime. Bearley Road, Aston Cantlow. Two males wearing balaclavas disturbed trying to break into vehicle. They got into a Black BMW which drove off from the area at speed. The last three letters of the registration number at this time was 'RWJ'. 9pm Friday 10th May. 0425 10/05/2019


  • *Burglary Residential. Long Marston Road, Welford. Caller reporting a house alarm sounding and a car that drove off from the house at speed. On police arrival it was found that the house had been broken into and a car stolen from the drive. 9.25pm Thursday 9th May. 0405 09/05/2019


Published 12/05/19