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Keep Your Garden Safe This Spring

Tips to nip garden crime in the bud

Garden security

Now the weather is warming up a bit, many of us will often be spending more time in the garden but with bikes and tools left insecure, thieves will also be out in people's gardens too.


Here are a few pointers to help keep thieves mitts off your property......

  • Gates, fences and walls should be kept in good repair to stop intruders getting in. Keep gates locked at all times.

  • Strong gates, fences and walls which are kept in good repair can deter intruders from getting to the back and sides of your property.

  • Make sure garden fences are high enough to make climbing them difficult. A trellis can be used to add additional height.

  • Don't leave expensive equipment like garden tools, bikes, fishing equipment and power tools in the shed.

  • If you have nowhere else to store valuable equipment, take measures to secure your shed and make sure it is good repair.

  • Don't leave ladders and tools lying around in your garden - these can be used to break into your home.

  • Mark your tools, equipment and bikes with your postcode using security markers.

  • Well positioned external lighting is a great way of keeping intruders at bay and can be bought from most DIY stores.

  • Use signage to let offenders know you have security marked your property.


"Defensive Planting" is the term used to describe the way you can use certain plants, bushes and shrubs to deter burglars. Defensive planting is nature's way of beating the burglar.

Think about using defensive planting around vulnerable areas such as windows, fences, boundary walls and drainpipes. We enjoy having a well kept, attractive garden and there is no reason why upping the security in your garden should mean otherwise.

Here are a few examples.....

  • Berberis - a vibrant shrub with vivid red leaves, has sharp spine-like prickles, reaches 6ft, good for hedging and growing by walls.

  • Rosa Rugosa "Rubra" - a flowering shrub with densely prickled stems, can reach 6ft, excellent as an impenetrable hedge.

  • Pyracantha- a vigorous evergreen shrub with white flowers in May, followed by orange or red berries, great for hedging, growing under windows or around doorways.

  • Holly- usually grown as a small tree or large bush, can reach up to 50ft, spiny, glossy dark green leaves all year round, excellent hedging plant.

Hawthorn, JaponicaandAcanthusare just a few other examples. Ask for advice at your local garden centre.

Visit for more information and advice or speak to your local Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Published 05/05/19