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Alcester Police North SNT. Latest Weekly Report. Sunday 14th April 2019

Incidents of note from the last week:-

Hello all.

This is our latest weekly report and prompt to see if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns for the Alcester Police North SNT. Thank you to those that have contacted us this week


  • *Anti-Social Behaviour. Pool Road, Studley. About three cars and ten people in the car park causing a nuisance. The cars were sounding their horns and the people were shouting and leaving litter. On-going problem. 12.40am Saturday 13th April. 0010 13/04/2019

  • *Vehicle Crime. Watts Road, Studley. Padlock forced off the doors of secure works van. Paint Sprayer stolen from the rear. Sprayer is on four wheels and is used to put paint onto the road. Reported afternoon on Thursday 11th April. 0264 11/04/2019


  • *Theft. Bearley. Secure gates to land forced open and buildings on site entered. Some property from the premises have been put in a pile as if the offenders were going to return to collect them. Between 8th & 9th April. 0135 09/04/2019


  • *Theft. Pennyford Lane, Wootton Wawen. Red TGB Blade Quad bike stolen from private land. Police patrol was quickly in the area and disturbed the offenders trying to make off with the Quad. The offenders got into a VW Golf parked nearby and made off in the direction of Lowsonford. Enquiries ongoing to identify the Golf. The bike was returned to its owner. 2.40am Wednesday 10th April. 0021 10/04/2019

  • *Burglary. Wootton Wawen. Outbuilding on secure land broken into a Wood Splitter stolen. This was later found in Claverdon. Daytime Monday 8th April. 0331 08/04/2019

  • *Burglary Residential. Boat, Stratford Road, Wootton Wawen. Boat broken into and car keys stolen. Two vehicles from the premises then also stolen using these keys. Other thefts / damage at the location may have taken place and further enquiries are being made to identify other crimes and owners. Overnight 7th & 8th April. 0041 08/04/2019


  • *Vehicle Crime. Cherry Orchard, Henley. Secure Red Ducati Motorcycle 980cc stolen from drive. Between 8pm 13th and 11am 14th April. 0154 14/04/2019

  • *Burglary Residential. Cherry Orchard, Henley. Lock forced off secure garden shed. Search made inside but nothing stolen. Overnight 13th & 14th April. 0118 14/04/2019


  • *Suspicious Circumstances. Malthouse Lane, Earlswood. Male from white van going to premises asking for scrap. Occupant described as an "Eastern European male". Irish Registration number of van ended in '5767'. Full details passed to police. 3.10pm Monday 8th April. 0232 08/04/2019


  • *Anti-Social Behaviour. Langley Road, Claverdon. Report of door to door seller using aggressive selling techniques. Caller concerned for the vulnerable in the area. 11a, Wednesday 10th April. 0122 10/04/2019


  • *Vehicle Crime. Stratford Road, Hockley Heath. Secure works van broken into and various tools stolen. Offender(s) have cut into the back door of the van in order to gain entry. Drill and Sander stolen. Overnight 8th & 9th April. 0098 09/04/2019

  • *Vehicle Crime. Nut Hurst Grange Lane, Hockley Heath. Secure works van broken into. The van was empty so nothing stolen. Offender(s) have cut into the back door to gain entry. Overnight 8th & 9th April. 0050 09/04/2019

  • *Vehicle Crime. Nut Hurst Grange Lane, Hockley Heath. Secure works van broken into and various tools stolen. Offender(s) have cut into the door of the van in order to gain entry. Overnight 8th & 9th April. 0047 09/04/2019

Crime Trend to be aware of - In the past we have had distraction type thefts take place in car parks, especially near to shops. The distraction is normally carried out by two people - the first offender distracts the driver by producing a map while asking for directions. The second offender then reaches into the car and steals valuables, usually a handbag or wallet. The Bank cards taken are then quickly used at cashpoints etc to get cash. If the person being distracted has just come out of a shop having used the cards, the PIN number has probably already been noted by the offenders who will stand watching the card readers. This type of crime has recently occurred just out of the Studley and Henley areas, but it is worth bearing in mind in case the offenders travel onto the Alcester patch.

Schools Out - The Schools are now on a two week break. Unfortunately in the past we have had burglary and damage type offences occur at our schools while they are on 'holiday'. If you see any suspicious activity on or near to school premises, please call the police on 101 to report. In an emergency, please use 999. Sometimes the 101 system is busy, but please stay on the line and your call will be answered.

Published 14/04/19