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Speed Checks, Gilson Road, Gilson

A research plan into the complaints about speeding motorists began in Gilson today as the Coleshill Safer Neighbourhood team took to the streets to gather information about speeding vehicles through the village.


Since January 2019 over 20 complaints have come into the Safer Neighbourhood Office regarding excessive speeds through the 30mph zone. The Coleshill Safer Neighbourhood team have begun work to gather information on the average speed of vehicles through the village at key times of the day. So far 60 minutes of speed enforcement work has been completed and during this time 43 vehicles were checked and the average speed of vehicles through Gilson was 26mph.

This information is by no means scientifically gained and only indicates an average speed of vehicles driving through Gilson and into Water Orton. The next phase is to conduct further speed checks during other key times such as rush hour and early morning. The aim is to work with Warwickshire County Council to identify speeding issues and look into Traffic Calming measures if appropriate.

This fact-finding operation is the second of a number of proposed operations throughout Coleshill, Water Orton and villages over the coming months to look at speeding. The first which started in early March focuses on speeding on Tamworth Road, Kingsbury and is currently being investigated.

Issued by: SNT North Warwickshire South


Published 29/03/19