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Alcester Police South SNT. Latest Weekly Report. Sunday 24th March 2019

Incidents of note from the last week:-

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Alcester Police South SNT. Latest Weekly Report. Sunday 24th March 2019

Hello all.

This is our latest weekly report and prompt to see if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns for the Alcester Police South SNT. Thank you to those that have contacted us this week.

The list below is a small percentage of the incidents dealt with on the Alcester South area over the last week.


  • Found Stolen Vehicle. St Faiths Road, Alcester. Call from a member of the public regarding a VW Golf parked near to the schools with its hazard lights flashing. The vehicle looked like it had been abandoned. Police attended and it was found to be a possible stolen vehicle. Reported at 7am Friday 22nd March. 0046 22/03/2019. Good call by member of the public. Vehicle recovered by police for further enquiries.

  • Suspicious Circumstances. Beauchamp Road, Alcester. Man seen in rear garden of house trying to get into summer house. Man ran off before entry could be made. 4.30am Thursday 21st March. 0056 21/03/2019

  • Theft. Shop, Alcester. Male offender has entered the shop on two occasions, stealing several items each time. Man last seen walking in the direction of the tennis courts in Moorfields Road. Described as a white male, "olive coloured skin", wearing blue trainers, blue jeans, pink t-shirt, black puffa jacket and grey bobble hat. 3.30pm Monday 18th March. (reported 19th March). 0289 19/03/2019

  • Anti-Social Behaviour. Meadow Road area, Conway Estate, Alcester. Two motorcycles riding fast around the area. The riders did not have helmets. No number plates. 5.15pm Monday 18th March. 0315 18/03/2019

  • Vehicle Crime, Car park of School, Alcester. Window of secure car smashed and items stolen including a drill and some clothes. Between 4.30am and 5am Monday 18th March. 0044 18/03/2019


  • Suspicious Circumstances. Shelfield - Little Alne. Blue van seen driving slowly around the area. The van was similar in size to a Tesco's delivery van but did not have any livery. The last three letters of the registration number was similar to 'JYE'. No offences disclosed at the time. 9.30am Thursday 21st March. 0096 21/03/2019


  • Suspicious Circumstances. Haselor. Noises heard in back garden of house. When checked, footprints could be seen by the back door, so someone had approached the premises. In the morning it was found that a fence had been damaged and garden gate left open. Nothing found to be missing or damaged. Evening of Saturday 16th March. 0145 23/02/2019

  • Burglary Residential. Haselor. Secure workshop broken into and items stolen including a chainsaw and bolt croppers. Overnight 17th & 18th March. 0101 18/03/2019


  • Vehicle Crime. Car Park, Broom. Secure works van entered by unknown means. Various power tools stolen including a Milwaukie Drill, Dewalt Drill and plaster mixer. Intel from the area suggest that four men from a Grey Range Rover Evoque broke into the van. The men had their faces covered. The men and Land Rover left the scene at speed after being challenged by members of the public. The last three letters of the offenders registration number was 'BJV'. 3.45pm Wednesday 20th March. 0291 20/03/2019 This vehicle and occupants are likely to be involved in other similar offences in the area on the same day.

  • Burglary Residential. Mill Lane, Broom. House broken into and items moved around ready to be stolen. It is possible the offender(s) were disturbed before they managed to steal any larger items. Overnight 17th & 18th March. 0063 18/03/2019

  • Burglary. Building site, Broom. White van with approx. three men on board seen to drive away from building site. Caller concerned that they had stolen items from the area. On police arrival it was found that locks at the building site had been cut off. Enquiries ongoing with regards any stolen property and the possible registration number of the van. 2.50am Monday 18th March. 0031 18/03/2019


  • Theft. High Street, Bidford. Good quality wooden mooring stolen from rear garden / river front. Reported Sunday 24th March. Taken in the last few days. 0175 24/03/2019

  • Theft. The Leys, Bidford. Belfast Sink stolen from front garden of house. It appears that scrap collectors were in the area at the time, driving a long wheel based van, but it cannot be confirmed who the offender(s) may have been. 9.15am Saturday 23rd March. 0128 23/03/2019

  • Suspicious Circumstances. The Crescent, Bidford. Man called at house to say that he needed to test the water. Turned away as he did not seem legitimate. Caller confirmed with Severn Trent that they had no one in the area at the time. Man described as having "Sallow Skin", 5' 6", dark hair that looked like a wig, dark rimmed glasses and a speech impediment. Man drove off in a black car. 10am Wednesday 20th March. 0270 20/03/2019

  • Vehicle Crime. Victoria Road, Bidford. Secure Black Ford Transit works van stolen from drive. Some tools still inside. The last three letters of the registration number of this stolen van is 'NJZ'. Reported on the afternoon of 20th March. 0186 20/03/2019

  • Vehicle Crime. Falcon Crescent, Bidford. Front and rear number plates stolen from VW Golf. Reported 18th March. 0270 18/03/2019


  • Vehicle Crime. Car Park, Wilmcote. Drivers door on works van damaged. Entry not gained. Nothing stolen. Between 20th & 21st March. 0159 21/03/2019


  • Found Stolen Vehicle. Chapel Street, Welford. Works van had been stolen nearby and power tools taken. The van was then found in Chapel Street and recovered by owner for further police enquiries. 5.15pm Wednesday 20th March. 0310 20/03/2019


  • Stolen Vehicle. Welford Road, Barton. Works van stolen from building site. Van then found in Welford with various tools from inside missing. (See incident in Welford). Between 3.45pm and 4.40pm Wednesday 20th March. 0304 20/03/2019

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Published 24/03/19