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Make the right choice

Think twice, leave the knife at home

PC Croshaw from the Bedworth Safer Neighbourhood Team has been working on several short films recently to raise awareness of different issues in the community including the recent concerns over knife crime.


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Did you know if you are caught carrying a knife you could face:

  • Arrest

  • Prosecution

  • A criminal record

  • Ruined job prospects

  • Not able to go to university

  • Not being able to travelling to other countries including America

  • Four years in prison


Before making the decision to carry a knife, think about the consequences. It's not just you it effects. The biggest consequence could come if you decide to use the knife and someone ends up getting seriously hurt or worse. Often people think that by carrying a knife, it offers them some kind of protection, in reality it only serves to make them more vulnerable while placing those around them at greater risk.

People who carry knives make a conscious decision to do so. There is no excuse if you use it to commit a crime. Think twice, leave the knife at home.


Make the right choice.

Published 24/03/19