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Sex offender jailed for breaching court order

A sex offender who breached a court order by spending the night at a house containing children has been jailed.

Toby Rogers, 25, of Clopton Road, Stratford, admitted staying at the house which contained two children under 16. At Warwick Crown Court on Monday (4 March) he was jailed for three years for breaching the terms of a sexual harm prevention order and failing to comply with notification requirements as a registered sex offender.

Among other things, the sexual harm prevention order prevented Rogers from staying in an address with anyone under 16.

He was arrested by Detective Constable Nikki Burley from the Warwickshire Police Offender Management Unit in October 2018.

There is no evidence to suggest the children he came into contact with in breaching the order came to any harm.

DC Burley said: "Sexual harm prevention orders are a powerful tool that help us to manage the behaviour of dangerous sexual offenders and protect vulnerable people.

"As can be seen from this case, breaching such an order is a serious offence that can carry a significant prison sentence.

"Rogers would have been in no doubt he was breaching his order and he is now paying the price for this."

Sexual harm prevention orders were introduced in 2015 and are designed to prevent someone convicted or suspected of a sexual offence from doing something in particular, such coming into contact with children or accessing the internet without appropriate permission. The orders can be made by the magistrates' or crown court.


Posted by Sam Cook, Communications Officer

Published 08/03/19