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New Priorities for Bedworth West

..... And a quick survey to get your views....

Following the last Priorities set, the West SNT have set themselves three new Priorities for the Spring based on what the local community were saying and the concerns raised......

1. Vehicle Crime remains a concern.


County wide concerns for cars and vans being targeted for their contents (Theft From Motor Vehicle) or to sell on (Theft Of Motor Vehicle).


Local officers have contacted car and van dealerships, and researched the methods used to gain entry in to vehicles. This is for two reasons - to provide suitable security advice through social media platforms and at community meetings and events; and to understand what items to look for when officers encounter people acting suspiciously. If the grounds are there to Stop and Search someone, items used to break in to or steal vehicles can be searched for. Our communities are reminded to contact police when anything suspicious is seen, such as persons with torches looking at residents' driveways overnight. Where possible, local officers also conduct follow-up visits or calls to victims of vehicle crime, so that a good picture of intelligence and methods used can be established. Again, information provided by our communities allows us the opportunity to focus resources in areas identified.


2. Anti-social Behaviour


Specific "hotspot" areas have been identified from our communities in Bedworth and Bulkington, where recognised anti-social behaviour is taking place at various times.


Local officers are working with partnership agencies and groups to look at problem solving plans for the affected areas. Others involved include Housing Associations, Local Authority Housing (Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council), Environmental Health, Youth Justice Service, Youth Engagement, Local Education, Neighbourhood Watch and Warwickshire Fire and Rescue. Officers are conducting joint patrols with Fire and Rescue, and groups of children and young people are engaged with during patrols. There are also joint visits taking place with police and Housing Officers, where parents, guardians or carers are advised about their tenancy. Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABC's) or Community Protection Notices (CPN's) are being considered or used. Problem locations are identified and assessed to see why they are places for children and young people to congregate.


3. Neighbourhood Watch:


Bedworth SNT has been asked to support our local Bedworth and Bulkington Neighbourhood Watch in terms of building on their success by increasing their levels of membership.


Bedworth SNT holds meetings with our Neighbourhood Watch where possible, including at their Co-ordinator Meetings on the first Tuesday of each month, generally from 6:30 pm, at Poets Corner, Drayton Road, Bedworth. CV12 9EY. The Secretary, Lynne Price, also attends Bedworth Station when possible, for regular discussion about local concerns and issues with affect the quality of life of our communities. Local officers are helping to promote Neighbourhood Watch through press releases and social media platforms. Residents are signposted to the following people, if they are interested in becoming Co-ordinators, where, as little or as much time as people want to give is welcomed: Secretary Lynne Price: Tel: 07979846395; Email:;  Chairman Dave Rumble: Tel: 02476311095; Email:


The Team have also set a few quick questions up and would really appreciate a minute of your time. Thank you.


Published 20/02/19