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Alcester Police North SNT. Latest Weekly Report. Sunday 10th February 2019

Incidents of note from the last week:-

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Alcester Police North SNT. Latest Weekly Report. Sunday 10th February 2019

Hello all.

This is our latest weekly report and prompt to see if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns for the Alcester Police North SNT. Thank you to those that have contacted us this week.

Incidents of note from the last week:-


  • *Anti-Social Behaviour. Bromsgrove Road, Studley. Three pit bikes seen driving around the area, including the roads and pavements. Caller concerned that they were no road legal and may be dangerous. 4pm Saturday 9th February. 0233 09/02/2019

  • *Suspicious Circumstances. Alcester Road, Studley. Occupant of house has heard someone trying their front door. Entry not gained. 1.50am Saturday 9th February. 0033 09/02/2019

  • *Arson / Damage. Church, Castle Road, Studley. Gate post at the rear of the Church set on fire. Tomb also tampered with and a small fire set inside. Between 6th & 8th February. 0177 08/02/2019

  • *Anti-Social Behaviour. Two calls. Watts Road and Crooks Lane, Studley. Three off road motorcycles seen riding about in the area / across footpaths. The riders did not have helmets and were wearing their scarves over their faces. Last seen heading towards Alcester Road. 6.45pm Thursday 7th February. 0387 07/02/2019 & 0386 07/02/2019

  • *Damage. Rowland Avenue, Studley. Two tyres slashed on car. 7th February. 0191 07/02/2019

  • *Damage. Toms Town Lane, Studley. Tyre slashed on van. 7th February. 0184 07/02/2019


  • *Burglary Residential. Stratford Road, Wootton Wawen. Window of house smashed and entry gained. Car keys and a safe stolen. The keys have then been used to steal an Audi S3 from the property. Between 24th January and 5th February. 0401 05/02/2019

  • *Theft. Stratford Road / Pettiford Lane, Wootton Wawen. Athena Gas Patio Heater stolen. Offenders were in possible two vans that returned to the scene a number of times in order to unsuccessfully try and steal further heaters. Between 8.15pm and 9.45pm Monday 4th February. 0098 05/02/2019


  • *Suspicious Circumstances / Fraud. Liverage Hill, Henley. Two men have purchased items using a £50 note. These were later checked and were both found to be fake. Both were Scottish notes with the same serial number. 2.50pm Thursday 7th February. 0255 07/02/2019

  • *Suspicious Circumstances. Millfield Court, Henley. Dark coloured VW Passat seen in the road. Two males got out. One was wearing a baseball cap and one had a torch. Caller concerned that they may have been looking at cars in the road. 12.25am Tuesday 5th February. 0007 05/02/2019

  • *Anti-Social Behaviour. Arden Road, Henley. Male seen and heard shouting in the street. The male then walked off kicking and damaging a fence in Mount Road. 10.30pm Sunday 3rd February. 0402 03/02/2019


  • *Suspicious Circumstances. Malthouse Lane, Earlswood. Two men seen in the Lane carrying Pizza boxes. They then enquired about the key code number for a secure driveway gate in order for them to deliver the Pizza. The caller was very concerned that they were up to no good. 7.40pm Friday 8th February. 0355 08/02/2019


Pedlars and Door to Door Sellers -  Anyone that sells items door to door needs a Pedlars Certificate.  The certificate lets them sell throughout the UK. They must trade on foot and carry their goods with them - for example a bag or small trolley. Pedlars do not need a certificate if they visit customers but do not sell to them - for example they take orders for a later delivery. To be Eligible for a pedlar's certificate a person has to be 17 or over and have lived in the local authority that issues the Certificate for at least 28 days. To apply for a Certificate the person needs to go to a local police station with the following items - 2 photos - a form of identity, e.g. a passport or driving licence - proof of address - and details of a referee. The certificate costs £12.25 and lasts 1 year.

The Pedlar must produce their certificate if someone asks to see it. If a pedlar works without a certificate or uses a friends then they could be fined up to £200. Giving false information to get a certificate or carrying a forged certificate can result in a prison sentence of up to 6 months.

When to call the Police - The police should be called if a person is going door to door selling items without a valid or real Pedlars Certificate. Pedlars that are abusive, over persuasive or refuse to leave should also be reported. Sometimes criminals purporting to be a Pedlar will use that excuse to target vulnerable people and to scope out premises - if you believe this is happening and a vulnerable person needs protecting, call the police on 101 or 999 as required.


Bogus traders - Beware of bogus traders - Bogus traders operating door-to-door will often take advantage of poor weather conditions to offer their services, including flooding and high winds, which may have caused damage to your property. Otherwise they may try and point out 'problems' that don't actually exist. Such traders can be extremely persuasive and elderly and vulnerable people are often targeted. Low prices are quoted, but as the work starts the price tends to increase. In most cases the work is done to a very poor standard, leaving the owner facing a second bill to have the work redone properly. They use a variety of sales pitches to get you to agree to having work done. These include suggesting that the property, if not repaired, will be dangerous and may cause additional problems to the structure of your home or putting a time restriction on the offer to hurry you into making a decision. The work will normally be done immediately, before the householder changes their mind, and very often any information provided by the workmen (names, addresses, telephone numbers) are false, making them very hard to trace. How to protect yourself from bogus traders:

  • •don't be forced into making a quick decision on the doorstep
  • •get at least three quotes from local reputable companies who have reputations to maintain, and if possible seek recommendations
  • •only deal with firms with genuine verifiable telephone numbers and addresses - beware of companies that only use mobile phone numbers and accommodation addresses
  • •anyone who signs a contract on the door step following a visit that was not arranged (unsolicited) does have 7 days in which to cancel it by law.
  • •all cancellation rights must be provided in writing to the customer at the time the contract is agreed, usually on the doorstep - it is an offence not to do so
  • •if you don't want to speak to the trader don't open your door to them - it can be hard to distinguish the good traders from the cowboys so it might be easier to keep the door closed
  • •do not allow uninvited callers into your home
  • •refuse to be taken to the bank to withdraw money - if you ever feel intimidated by them, close the door and call the police
Published 10/02/19