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Bedworth West Newsletter

December 2018 - January 2019

12 Days of Christmas 1

About the team:

Our Safer Neighbourhood Team works with local people and partners to identify, tackle and solve issues and problems that matter to the community where you live. We create a workable list of Key Individual Networks (KIN's), which we rely on to engage with and help our communities. As well as updating our Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms, we attend various Neighbourhood Watch meetings and Community Forums, and other community events where possible. We also create our own Policing initiatives, such as Vehicle Crime and Shoplifting Operations, and crime prevention/reduction presentations or public events. We will engage with all appropriate age groups, including school children, young people, adults and our older residents, and offer support and advice where we can. Sometimes, we may offer alternative contacts such as Local Authority, Fire and Rescue and others, who may be better suited to offer you the support you require.

12 Days of Christmas 2

We base a large part of our local Policing on four "building blocks":- Understanding Communities, Engaging with Communities, Prioritising and Tasking, and Problem Solving.

We would not be able to perform our duties effectively if we did not have your support, your community intelligence/information, and incidents being reported by you, to ensure that we know what is happening, when it is happening, where it is happening, how it is happening and who is causing the issue(s). We can then focus on certain priorities identified by you and others. This is part of how we can help to reduce risk and harm to you and our other residents, businesses and communities.

12 Days of Christmas 3

Where we work:-

Bedworth West SNT is based at Bedworth Police Station, High Street, Bedworth. CV12 8NF. We work in and around the following wards: The Slough, The Heath, Ash Green, Keresley and part of Exhall.

12 Days of Christmas 4

Latest updates:-

This December we are working on our very own Christmas Policing Operation, called: "12 Days of Christmas". This coincides with Warwickshire Police's Operation Christmas Presence. That operation focuses on issues including Domestic Violence, Drink Driving and Warrants. Our Operation not only does the same, but also includes more community engagement events. The updates attached also covers work carried out by Bedworth East SNT, and our Town Centre Officer.

12 Days of Christmas 5

On Tuesday the 4th of December, we launched phase one of our 12 Days of Christmas Operation. This was an event held in Bedworth Town Centre, at the Methodist Church, who donated the use of one of their rooms. We held a "One Stop Shop" event for our residents to meet local police and representatives from other Service Providers and Practitioners. We are grateful that Lynne Price, and Mr & Mrs Rumble attended the event (Neighbourhood Watch). Members of the public had the

opportunity to discuss security and any other concerns with Police and others including Fire & Rescue, AGE UK, Doorway, Citizens Advice, Housing and MIND. The Mayor also attended.

12 Days of Christmas 6

During the rest of our 12 Days of Christmas Operation, we conducted the following:

• Vehicle Crime Operations (Operation Consort)

12 Days of Christmas 7

• Theft/Shoplifting Operations (Operation Portalex)

• Drink Driving / Seat Belt patrols.

12 Days of Christmas 8

• Vulnerable Residents safety awareness campaign (using support from Fire & Rescue, such as providing smoke alarms etc.)

• Social Media awareness campaign re: Hate Crime & Domestic Violence.

12 Days of Christmas 9

• Hate Crime Surgery.

• Domestic Violence awareness campaign.

12 Days of Christmas 10

• Warrants and Fail To Appear (at Court) Warrants.

• Licensing Checks.

12 Days of Christmas 11

• Drugs and Alcohol Awareness.

• Canal Boat/Home Security multi-agency event.

12 Days of Christmas 12

Bedworth Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) Officers have also issued a quantity of Community Protection Notices Written Warnings (CPNWW) and Community Protection Notices (CPN), which are Official notices served on members of the public in relation to Anti-social Behaviour Crime & Policing Act 2014. These can result in Arrest, Court and fines if not adhered to.

Bedworth SNT has supported Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council (NBBC) at Court in Leamington to provide evidence to obtain a Suspended Possession Order (SPO) of a tenant involved in violence and ASB.

Bedworth SNT has been working with Social Services to assist a family with their issues around Domestic Abuse, Autism, and other matters. This has resulted in issuing a Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) package to the family with Social Services involved.

Bedworth SNT are working with the Warwickshire Youth Justice Service (WYJS) to deal with young people on the cusp of being arrested, or who have been arrested and are on bail. An "Arrest Diversion Scheme (ADS)" is being used to steer young people away from crime, and encourage them to engage with their alleged victims and others. This project has highlighted to those involved the consequences of "gang culture", carrying Offensive Weapons, and drugs offences.

Bedworth SNT have delivered two school talks in Bedworth, around the subjects of Crime Scenes, Custody and Crime and Punishment.

Bedworth SNT attended addresses with NBBC Housing Officer, Paul Carnevale, to deal with issues around ASB, Violence and a Cannabis Factory/Cultivation.

Bedworth SNT's PC Stephen Croshaw received a Chief Superintendent's Commendation for work carried out around Hate Crime.

Bedworth SNT's previous project, which was a film made about Domestic Abuse, called: "Yes Officer" is being used by Detective Sergeant, from the Strategic Vulnerability and Safeguarding Team for Domestic Abuse. This piece of work is being used in a Training Package for Police Officers. The film is available to view along with other projects, on the YouTube Channel: "Stephen Croshaw".

Bedworth SNT's PCSO Susan Laing, has been out on bike patrol with Warwickshire Fire & Rescue, looking for arson-related anti-social behaviour.

Bedworth SNT attended the Bulkington Christmas Lights switch on.

Bedworth SNT provided a Security and Safety Awareness input session at the Alms Houses in Bedworth.

Bedworth SNT attended and assisted with the facilitation of Remembrance Day in Bedworth, and at Hawkesbury Village.

Bedworth SNT assisted with "Operation Highway". This was predominantly based at Nuneaton due to where arrests took place, but did encompass all areas across North Warwickshire. This was a day of action resulting in 4 arrests: Possession of Class A, Possession of Class B, Conspiracy to supply Class A and locating someone wanted on warrant. Numerous weapons seized and destroyed.

There was a successful Firearms Warrant carried out at Croft Pool, Bedworth. This was not carried out by local SNT, due to the risk of firearms. However, Bedworth SNT has provided information, support and follow-up enquiries to assist with the ongoing investigation.

Bedworth SNT has worked with NBBC to establish locations for Security Cameras ("Nomads" and "Domehawks") to be placed. This is due to information received about elements of criminality, including drug dealing and ASB, so that the visible cameras can either provide evidence or act as a deterrent. This is only achieved through members of the community reporting matters to police and others.

Bedworth SNT supported the "Love Instead of Hate" Conference in Bedworth. Although this occurred on the 20th of October, it is still relevant due to us developing ongoing working relationships with other practitioners who attended. This involves working with residents and members of the community who engage with others of differing ethnicities. A local lad with Autism and ADHD performed a Hate Crime music track written by Bedworth SNT. He was supported by the Julie Bromage Dance Academy from Bedworth, whose students performed a street dance routine. Some of this was shown on BBC Midlands Today to showcase local communities working together to stand against any kind of hate. The Julie Bromage Dance Academy is continuing to work with Local Officers to produce educational materials covering Knife Crime, Domestic Violence and current concerns of "Cuckooing" and "County Lines". The term "Cuckooing" is used to describe offenders targeting vulnerable people, their homes or even some businesses, to offer violence, threats and intimidation, to then move into their victims' homes or businesses and use them for criminal activity. The term "County Lines" refers to criminals, such as Organised Crime Groups (OCG's) coming on to our areas from other towns, cities or counties, and carrying out criminal activity. It is important to combat this by raising awareness with the people most likely to be affected.

This is just a snapshot of some of the work being carried out, or which is ongoing.

Considering the current demand for general Policing activities, and especially taking in to account the staffing levels as they stand, it is fair to say that Bedworth SNT has a busy workload!!

As ever, many of our actions, activities and Policing Operations are highlighted through our two Twitter/Instagram accounts: "@Bedworthcops" and "@PC_SteveCroshaw"


How to get in touch

101to talk to your local SNT or report a crime

Twitter : @Bedworthcops

Only call 999 in an emergency, when a crime is in progress or life is in danger.

Published 07/01/19