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Warwickshire Police is looking for the talented managers of today to become the leaders of tomorrow

Warwickshire Police is launching an innovative scheme which encourages people who are working at middle-management level across the private and public sectors to transfer those skills to a new career in policing.

The force is working in partnership with The College of Policing to deliver the Direct Entry programme, which recruits people to start at the senior rank of Inspector. Applicants should have experience of managing budgets, teams, resources, systems and cultural change, while also demonstrating their diversity of thought, life perspective and experience throughout the rigorous selection and assessment process.

This is a fantastic opportunity for hard working, talented, flexible and proven leaders from outside policing, and who do not necessarily have any previous policing experience.

The 24 month programme is fast paced and demanding, but successful individuals will be well equipped to play a significant part in the future of policing across Warwickshire.

Successful applicants will receive a starting salary of £50,160 from day one of the programme.

Assistant Chief Constable Alex Franklin-Smith said: "This is an exciting opportunity for talented individuals to play a significant part in influencing policing across Warwickshire. If you believe you have the experience and ability, we want to see an application from you.

"The Direct Entry programme works alongside internal police leadership development programmes to deliver the future cadre of senior police officers that the service requires in a fast paced ever changing world.

"We are particularly keen to see applications from experienced and talented middle managers from either the public or private sector who may be looking for a more rewarding career and one where you can make a positive difference for our communities.

"Our previous Direct Entry recruits are already making their mark and in a short space of time have begun to show how this programme can bring new and diverse experience into policing for the benefit of our organisation and the communities we serve."

Inspector Emily Benson said: "I am a Direct Entry Inspector in Warwickshire Police. I was a PCSO with Northumbria Police and absolutely loved the job. However, I was ready for a new challenge. With my continued passion for working in the police alongside my previous careers as a paralegal and teacher, I decided to apply for Direct Entry Inspector and successfully joined Warwickshire Police in October 2017.

"Warwickshire has been an extremely welcoming force and they have made it easy for me to settle in and become part of their policing family. The force is small, providing a personal feel within the organisation, but it is still bursting with police activity at every level. It is great to come to work and know you will experience new challenges everyday. If you have a passion for protecting the public and serving communities, then policing is the job that provides it all."

Applications for the Direct Entry Programme 2019 open on 7 January and close on 18 February. To apply, go to the Warwickshire Police website at