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Man and Woman Arrested in Suspected Stolen Vehicle in Bedworth

Community information, Bedworth

  • Incident number: Good News
  • Date: 18/12/2018
  • Sender: RCO5911
  • Business area name: SNT

A man and a woman were arrested in a suspected stolen vehicle in Bedworth by police officers at about 3.30am this morning (Tuesday 18 December). The vehicle, a Peugeot Boxer van, was in collision with a police car in Bulkington just after 3am and then made off at speed. A number of police vehicles and the police helicopter were deployed in response to the incident, which came to an end after a stinger device was used, and the vehicle crashed on Bedworth Lane in Bedworth. The two occupants of the vehicle, a man and a woman, were arrested on suspicion of a number offences, including theft of a vehicle, and drugs, weapons, theft, deception, robbery and burglary offences. Both suspects remain in custody at this time.

Superintendent Mike Smith said: " Warwickshire has seen an increase in vehicle thefts over recent months, and we are deploying a wide range of tactics to apprehend the offenders behind these offences. We have had some significant successes, and this is the just the latest of several arrests linked to vehicle crime in recent weeks."