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Police focus on violent crime ahead of busiest weekend of the year

Police have warned local people they will not tolerate any violent behaviour ahead of what is likely to be their busiest weekend of the year.

Extra officers will be on the streets of town centres to help keep people safe. Violent crime traditionally goes up over the festive period as people go out celebrating.

There will also be a dedicated domestic abuse unit on duty. They will be responding to reports of domestic violence and paying visits to high-risk victims and offenders.

Chief Inspector Steve Beard said: "Christmas is a happy time for most people. However, as people drink more alcohol this often leads to a rise in violent offences, both on the streets and in homes.

"Extra officers will be on the street to help people stay safe and enjoy their Christmas celebrations.

"We'll also have a dedicated domestic abuse unit on duty in the county. I'd urge anyone who is a victim of domestic violence not to suffer in silence and to call police. We are committed to tackling domestic abuse in all its forms.

"Being drunk is no excuse for being violent. We will take a zero tolerance approach and I urge people to take responsibility for their behaviour."

For more information on reporting domestic abuse go to


Posted by Sam Cook, Communications Officer

Published 20/12/18