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Local schools join the fight against knife crime

Anti-social behaviour, North Warwickshire

  • Incident number: Fight against knife crime
  • Date: 14/12/2018
  • Sender: 5514
  • Business area name: Citizens in Policing

Local schools join the fight against knife crime

Police and local secondary schools have joined forces to raise awareness of the dangers of carrying a knife.

The initiative was launched following concerns nationally about a rise in knife crime, especially incidents involving young people.

Officers will be warning school children of the dangers and consequences of carrying a knife.

Over the coming months officers will be visiting local schools in the boroughs of Nuneaton and Bedworth, North Warwickshire and Rugby to talk to pupils about the dangers and consequences of carrying a knife. A video will also be shown in schools.

Inspector Wayne Boulton from the Nuneaton and Bedworth Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: "Most people will be aware of the national problem around knife crime and while we don't have a big problem, we want to be proactive in ensuring this remains the case.

"There are obvious dangers to carrying a knife, but young people don't often think of some of the less obvious consequences. If someone is convicted for carrying a knife this can impact on their future prospects: it could prevent them from getting certain jobs, going to university and travelling to some countries, including the United States.

"The most serious consequence is that they will use it and somebody will get seriously hurt or worse. In Warwickshire in recent years we have seen the tragic consequences that can occur when someone chooses to carry a knife.

"I would like to thank all the schools that have taken part in this initiative. While we don't have a big knife problem in our schools, working with them is the most effective way to get this important message to children. Their support will benefit the wider community."

Paul Senior, Assistant Director, Education and Learning, Warwickshire County Council said: "Knife crime ruins lives. The initiative which will be progressed by the police and supported by schools, will be part of a wider set of activities designed to keep local children and young people safe from harm. Safeguarding our children and young people from all forms of harm remains a key priority for all local schools and agencies."

Officers will also be taking knife surrender bins and knife arches into schools. Inspector Boulton added: "Nobody wants to see knife arches and knife surrender bins become permanent fixtures in schools. But used sparingly they can help to raise awareness of the dangers of carrying a knife, deter those considering carrying a knife and catch those who choose to do so."