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Rogue Traders, Water Orton

Warwickshire Police are warning people to be aware of an increase of Rogue Trader incidents across North Warwickshire, with the latest two incidents in Water Orton costing two elderly residents £440.

The first incident, which occurred on St Blaise Ave, Water Orton [Incident 260 of the 16th Nov] involved a male attending the home address of an elderly resident and using 'scare' tactics to get £35 off the female for below standard work to be completed. In fact the Rogue Trader left the property with £35 and without any actual work being completed.

The second incident took place on Overton Drive, Water Orton [Incident 355 of the 21st Nov] where a male, which could be connected to the incident on the 16th Nov, befriended a male and informed him he needed an amount of working doing before conning him out of £405 worth of work which the resident agreed to.


Trading Standards report that they normally see an increase in complaints about home improvements at this time of year with roof repairs and gardening work among the most common. Rogue traders often use intimidating or aggressive practices, sometimes overcharge and provide misleading statements about the work that they offer. This often leaves householders out of pocket and facing more bills to put problems right.

Common scams used by rogue businesses can include:

  • Offering to initially replace a tile or slate on the roof but then stating that water is getting into the roof and that it needs replacing urgently
  • Giving a cheap price to clean and clear the garden but then charging much more for 'extra' work carried out
  • Stating that they are working in your local area and have a load of tarmac left over which will go off if it isn't used
  • Stating that they can replace rotten wooden soffits, fascia boards and guttering when in fact they use cheap plastic to cover the problem instead
  • Offering to trim trees or replace driveways then fly-tipping waste generated from your home, leaving you open to prosecution for not controlling disposal of your waste

PCSO Jane Owen from the Local Policing team for Water Orton stated "I urge local residents to be on their guard with any uninvited callers who turn up on their doorstep offering to carry out work. Politely inform them that you do not buy on the doorstep and that you wish them to leave.  If you enter into a contract on the doorstep, you are entrusting potentially expensive work to someone you have never heard of, and may never see again."

Responsible traders will know the rules and will supply the correct paperwork before starting any work. This can include the right for a consumer to cancel work for a short period of time.

No Rogue Traders PDF-1
No Rogue Traders PDF-1

Warwickshire Police are reaching out to our local communities and we are asking people to be vigilant and look out for elderly and vulnerable members in the community that are potentially being targeted by rogue traders.

Warwickshire Police urge householders to heed this advice and be on their guard. They ask that residents follow the following doorstep crime prevention advice:

  • Don't agree to any work on the basis of a verbal quote
  • If you need work done, obtain written quotes from a number of reputable companies
  • Whatever you do, don't agree to be taken down to the bank to withdraw money

Residents should warn any elderly neighbours and relatives about the risks and if possible notify Trading Standards or police if you suspect there is anyone suspicious operating in and around your area. There are numerous reputable, trustworthy local traders available to residents and Warwickshire County Council support No Rogue Traders Here campaign with a list of approved and trusted trades people who are continually assessed and monitored by Warwickshire County Council.

You can find out more information about Warwickshire County Councils No Rogue Traders Here campaign by visiting


Published 25/11/18