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Car Key Burglary Crime Prevention Advice

Community information, Warwickshire

  • Incident number: Crime Prevention Information
  • Date: 21/11/2018
  • Sender: 5514
  • Business area name: CiP

Car Key Burglary Crime Prevention Advice

Having your vehicle stolen can be extremely upsetting and have a major impact on your daily routine - getting to work, dropping the kids off at school or running a business.

There have been a number of car key burglaries across Warwickshire in recent months and the vehicles stolen may end up getting written off, used in other criminal offences, sold on or broken down for parts.

Below are a few ideas which may help you to protect your vehicle from being stolen and your home from being burgled for the vehicle keys:

• It is a fact that some new cars have very sophisticated locks, immobilisers and other security devices, and the only way to start the vehicle is to have the key.  Keep keyless entry keys in a suitable RFID device and well away from the front door.

• If you have a garage don't use it as a storage area; clear it out and keep your vehicle secure inside it.

• If you have to park your vehicle on your driveway or on the street, consider using additional security devices (e.g. steering wheel lock), make sure the area is well lit, ensure the vehicle is secure and that nothing of value is left in it - i.e. tools, laptops, money, SatNav.

• If you have gates securing your driveway area, make sure you keep them closed and locked.

• If required, consider getting a professionally fitted car alarm and/or immobiliser.

• If required, consider fitting a tracking device.

• Never leave your car keys on show through a window when not using them. Do not leave them in locks, on window ledges or kitchen/hall tables, and never on a hook behind the door or in reach of a letterbox/cat flap.

• Householders also need to make sure that they take other simple crime prevention measures to ensure that they don't become victims of sneak-in thieves or burglary, such as remembering not to leave doors and windows unlocked.

Your vehicle may be the second biggest investment you make after your home and it's very important to do all you can to keep it secure and not attract any unwanted passing attention to it.

Warwickshire Police continue to prevent, detect and investigate incidents of this nature. Rest assured a lot of work goes on in the background. Visit to read a recent good news story with regard to car key burglaries in Warwickshire.