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Alcester Police South SNT. Latest Weekly Report. Sunday 18th November 2018

Incidents of interest:-

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Alcester Police South SNT. Latest Weekly Update. Sunday 18th November 2018

Hello all.

This is our latest weekly report and prompt to see if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns for the Alcester Police South SNT. Thank you to those that have contacted us this week. 

Incidents of note:-


·         *Road Incident. Birmingham Road, Alcester. Report of several cars parked on the footpath causing an obstruction to pedestrians. Evening of Thursday 15th November. 0379 15/11/2018

·         *Suspicious Circumstances / Fraud. Pub, Birmingham Road, Alcester. Man using fake £50 notes. When challenged the man left and drove off in a White Van with "Foreign" registration number, containing the number '184'. Afternoon of Wednesday 14thNovember. 0264 14/11/2018


·         *Burglary Residential. Spernal Lane, Great Alne. Entry gained to property through rear patio doors. Untidy search of premises made. A small white car with a registration number ending in 'RNN' was seen to leave the area at the time. Approx. 12.55pm Friday 16th November. 0193 16/11/2018


·         *Vehicle Crime. Club car park, Kings Coughton. Offender(s) have cut the metal at the rear of the van and have peeled it back in order to steal items from inside. Including tool bag, drills and saws. Between 7.25pm and 9.20pm Thursday 15th November. 0461 15/11/2018


·         *Burglary Residential. Burford Lane, Shelfield. Offender(s) have gained entry to house by snapping the lock on door. An untidy search of the premises has been made and vehicle keys stolen. Between 9.45am and 5pm Friday 16th November. 0316 16/11/2018

·         *Suspicious Circumstances. Shelfield. Man called at house asking if they had seen a lost dog. Caller concerned that the male was checking out the property. Described as a white male, small build, 5' 7", wearing a baseball cap, grey joggers and a red coat. The man left in a vehicle with a registration number ending in something similar to 'HKR'. Around 12 midday Thursday 15thNovember. Reported on the 16th. 0156 16/11/2018

·         *Burglary Residential. Shelfield. Offender(s) have thrown a brick through a rear window in order to gain entry. An untidy search of the premises has been made and car keys stolen. Subsequently a Volvo was then also stolen from the address. Between the 4th& 14th November. 0001 14/11/2018


·         *Suspicious Circumstances. Club premises, Salford Road, Bidford. Two males seen looking around the outside of the property then looking through the windows. A further male was seen in a car close by. 9.15pm Friday 16th November. 0203 17/11/2018

·         *Burglary Residential. Stratford Road, Bidford. Entry gained to house via rear door and an untidy search made. Computers and jewellery stolen. Between 7.45am and 3.15pm Friday 16th November. 0262 16/11/2018

·         *Attempt Aggravated Burglary Residential. Grafton Lane, Bidford. Three males wearing balaclavas seen at front of house by resident. When challenged the males, one of them carrying a crowbar, have run towards the resident, but then have run off getting into a small white car and driving off towards the Golden Cross Pub. The registration number ended in 'RNN'. 2pm Friday 16thNovember. 0230 16/11/2018

·         *Burglary Business. Salford Road, Bidford. Offender(S) have cut through a fence to gain access to private land. They have then forced entry into a container, stealing several items including a Honda petrol generator, saw, drill, copper fittings, boilers and copper pipes. Overnight 15th & 16th November. 0098 16/11/2018


·         *Vehicle Crime. Pub car park, Bearley Road, Aston Cantlow. Persons disturbed trying to break into works van. They had made a hole in the door and were trying to make this bigger when they were disturbed. 11.15pm Thursday 15th November. (Reported on the 16th). 0057 16/11/2018


·         *Burglary Residential. Croft Lane, Temple Grafton. Outside cabin broken into and computer and monitor stolen. Overnight 14th & 15th November. 0070 15/11/2018


·         *Damage. Church Road, Wilmcote. Outer pane of glass in window damaged by small metal ball bearing. Possibly fired from a catapult or something similar. Occurred approx. three weeks ago. Found and reported 17th November. 0209 17/11/2018

·         *Vehicle Crime. Aston Cantlow Road, Wilmcote. Window of car smashed. Nothing stolen. Reported afternoon of Thursday 15thNovember. 0219 15/11/2018

·         *Vehicle Crime. Chapel Houses, Wilmcote. Window in works van smashed. Nothing stolen. Between 14th & 15th November. 0158 15/11/2018


Published 18/11/18