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Beaver Metals, Water Orton

In the past few weeks Warwickshire Police have received a number of reports about HGV's parking and blocking Marsh Lane, Water Orton outside Beaver Metals. In addition to this we are also aware of a number of Facebook posts about the site and has attracted a great deal of publicity and a lot of local concerns.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team have been working with some time with Beaver Metals to try and resolve the issues relating to parking and this is an ongoing project spanning the last two years. Mr Bevan was keen to develop the land opposite Beaver Metals to allow off street parking for delivery vehicles however this option was quickly dismissed by North Warwickshire Borough Council after objections locally. This option is Warwickshire Police's preferred option and has been supported by the Local Policing Team and this is also something we are keen to discuss with North Warwickshire Borough Council further but this is yet to happen.

Beaver Metals has already invested heavily in Staff Parking/Off street parking on the land to the right hand side of the yard which has alleviated all of the on street parking of personal vehicles, at considerable cost to Beaver Metals. This was done without question and once again demonstrates that Beaver Metals are community focussed.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team are also aware that a number of HGVs do park causing an obstruction and as soon as this is bought to the attention of Beaver Metals they will do all they can to accommodate the vehicles onsite but this isn't easy due to the size/layout of the yard. This is not an obligation of Beaver Metals, it's the responsibility of the driver to ensure that they are not causing an Obstruction

Drivers of vehicles that attend Beaver Metals to drop off metal are continuously reminded of their obligations relating to Obstruction Offences and we are satisfied that they can do no more than they are doing to ease the traffic situation on Marsh Lane. Beaver Metals are continuously working with Warwickshire Police and we are satisfied that everything is being done by Beaver Metals.

Remember that any offences relating to Obstruction should be reported to Warwickshire Police on 101. In order for further action to take place we will need

  • Image or Dash Cam Footage
  • Statement of evidence from the person witnessing
  • The Registration mark of the vehicle causing the obstruction

Environmental Issues

During the recent engagement regarding parking the issue regarding 'orange smoke/fumes' were approached and this was identified back to smoke being created when high temperature cutting equipment is used to cut up scrap metal. Beaver Metal can do this in their licensing however they are aware that it doesn't always look good so they are investing a large amount of money into a cutting chamber to allow the cutting to take place.

In all, the Neighbourhood Policing Team are happy with the responses of Beaver Metals and everything is being done to try and resolve the issue.

Published 13/11/18