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Securing valuables

How to protect valuables and sentimental items

  • a safe which has been securely fixed to a solid wall and/or floor reduces the likelihood of important documents, valuables and sentimental items being stolen
  • property marking and photographing valuables and sentimental items will help to deter burglars and assist the police to return them to their rightful owners if they are stolen
  • timing switches linked to the lights and a radio will give the impression that a property is occupied

Install a safe

Burglars very rarely come equipped to deal with safes that are fitted to solid floors and/or solid walls with the correct fixings. A safe will reduce the likelihood of important documents, valuables and sentimental items being stolen if the household is burgled.

Leave the lights on

It's important to leave lights on if you are not returning until late afternoon or early evening, particularly during the autumn and winter months. Timing switches linked to the lights, normally two downstairs and one upstairs, and a radio tuned to a talk station, will give the impression that the house is occupied.

Mark your property

Property mark valuables with the postcode and house name or number to assist with identification. This can be done with an ultra violet pen or with a specialist marking kit such as a purpose made stencil with etching liquid, a unique chemical trace liquid or microdot system.

Take photographs

Photographs of stolen objects greatly improve the chances of recovery. Concentrate on what makes this object unique or identifiable. Indicate the object's size and dimensions by placing a ruler next to small items or writing down the measurements. Try to use a plain dark background and avoid patterned wallpaper or carpet.