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Street Cruising now Illegal in North Warwickshire

Operation Safe, which an Operation in North Warwickshire to target the anti-social use of vehicles, has been re mounted after a number of incidents across the North Warwickshire area. This operation will now be supported by a High Court Injunction preventing "Street Cruising" in the North Warwickshire area.

Street Cruising Illegal Now

The Operation has seen 20 Section 59 Warnings being issued to vehicles and their drivers after they have been identified as taking part in Street Cruising since mid September 2018. The first phase of the enforcement was educating the drivers of the dangers of street cruising and was a 'warning period' which has now ceased.

This period of 'Warnings' has now ceased and any driver seen to be taking part in any street cruising is now to be dealt with by the High Court of Birmingham by means of a 'Breach of Injunction' and drivers can expect to either be

  1. Arrested at the scene and put before the next available court or
  2. Reported for the offence and summoned to court.

The Injunction, which was passed by His Honour Judge Worster on 22nd June 2018 makes it specifically forbidden to;-

  1. Take part in a street cruise within the claimant's local government area (known as 'North Warwickshire'). *See below for definition of Street Cruise
  2. Promote, Organise or Publicise any Street Cruise in North Warwickshire

*A Street cruise can be defined as the following

  1. Driving, riding at excessive speed or otherwise dangerously
  2. Driving or riding in convoy
  3. Racing against other motor vehicles
  4. Performing stunts in motor vehicles
  5. Sounding horns or playing radios
  6. Dropping litter;
  7. Supplying or using illegal drugs;
  8. Urinating in public;
  9. Shouting or swearing at, or abusing, threatening or otherwise intimidating another person
  10. Obstruction of any other road user (blocking a road/part or a road)

A power of arrest has also been attached to this order so that persons taking part can be arrested and immediately committed to court without delay.

This approach is similar to the approach taken by West Midlands Police and now it makes it more difficult for people to take part in such Street-Cruising in North Warwickshire and the Birmingham Area. Drivers who are committed to court can expect to face a charge of 'Contempt of Court' and can be fined and imprisoned for the offence.

A Section 59 Warning places a marker on a vehicle and its driver if that vehicle is stopped again (in any police force area) and it is being used anti-socially then it can be seized without warning. If that driver is stopped in any other vehicle then they may also lose whatever vehicle they are driving if they are causing anti-social behaviour.

Published 21/10/18