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Offender prosecuted for littering

A man from the Wood End area of Atherstone was fined for disposing of several plastic bags of general rubbish within the Trinity Road area of Kingsbury. PCSO Beale discovered the bags whilst on patrol and investigated the contents which eventually led him to the identity of the offender, cctv was also used to identify the offenders vehicle. The offender was prosecuted for the offence in addition to being made to collect the rubbish to clear the area of any litter. PCSO Beale commented "its inexcusable and despicable that someone may think its acceptable to dispose of any rubbish within our community in this way, it really does bring the whole area down and I feel like it further encourages other offenders to do the same. I am currently in the process of putting together a package to deliver to our local schools regarding the impact of littering in general, What ever happened to the message "KEEP BRITAIN TIDY".

Published 16/10/18