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Alcester Police South SNT. Latest Weekly Update. Sunday 7th October 2018

Incidents of note from the last week:-

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Alcester Police South SNT. Latest Weekly Update. Sunday 7th October 2018

Hello all.

This is our latest weekly report and prompt to see if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns for the Alcester Police South SNT. Thank you to those that have contacted us this week.

Incidents of note from the last week:-


·         *Theft. Store, Moorfields, Alcester. Theft of Baby powder by three males. One of the males entered the store with a trolley and during his time in their stole approx. 11 tubs of baby powder, passing them between the other two men. Between 2.45pm and 3.10pm Friday 21st September. Reported 5th October. 0160 05/10/2018

·         *Abandoned Vehicles. Pub car park, Priory Road, Alcester. Several vehicles have been left on the car park by unknown persons. It is thought the owners / drivers are parking these vehicles on private land so not to break Tax / Insurance laws on the public highway. Unfortunately it costs the owners of the car park to dispose of them. Enquiries are now being made by the Team to locate the owners of the vehicles. Reported 3rd October. 0295 03/10/2018 . The Team are also aware of other vehicles left around the Town on private land for the same reasons.

·         *Theft. Vallet Avenue, Alcester. Girls Childs bike stolen from rear garden of house. Between 11am and 6.15pm 30th September. 0317 30/09/2018


·         *Vehicle Crime. Hotel car park, Kings Coughton. Front number plate off works van stolen. The offenders have then also tried to break into the van, but nothing else stolen. Intel from the area suggest that the offenders arrived in a vehicle and parked close to the van before committing the theft. 2.35am Thursday 4th October. 0123 04/10/2018

·         *Vehicle Crime. Hotel car park, Kings Coughton. Offenders have tried to access works van by pulling the door open. Entry not gained and nothing stolen. Overnight 3rd & 4th October. 0062 04/10/2018


·         *Vehicle Crime. Restaurant car park, Arrow. Rear window of car smashed and items stolen, including bag with clothing, bank cards and driving licence. Between 2pm and 8.30pm 30th September. 0381 30/09/2018. A black BMW with four people on-board was seen in the area at the time.


·         *Vehicle Crime. Rowan Place, Bidford. Truckman Canopy on vehicle forced open and lock damaged. Nothing stolen. Between 5th & 6th October. 0167 06/10/2018

·         *Burglary Residential. The Leys, Bidford. Offenders have tried to force open an 'up and over' garage door, damaging it in the process. Intel from the area suggest the offenders were four men from a 4x4 vehicle. 9.45pm Tuesday 2nd October. 0156 03/10/2018

·         *Burglary Residential. Salford Road, Bidford. New builds entered and various items stolen, including two hob ovens, lounge carpet, eleven radiators, fridge freezer, extractor fan, washing machine and dish washer. Between 2nd & 3rd October. 0093 03/10/2018

·         *Vehicle Crime. Victoria Road, Bidford. Large glass marble thrown through rear window of car, smashing it. Reported afternoon of 2nd October. 0244 02/10/2018

·         *Vehicle Crime X 2. The Leys, Bidford. Secure vehicle entered and items stolen including sunglasses, SatNav and earphones. Two roof bars also stolen from a Landrover at the same premises. Intel from the area suggest that the offenders were four men that arrived in an unknown vehicle. Overnight 30th September & 1st October. 0055 02/10/2018

·         *Suspicious Circumstances. Old School Mead, Bidford. Caller heard noises outside the property and saw two people at the front of the address and possibly two people at the rear. Caller concerned that they were trying to break into the property. Area search made by police - no trace. No offences disclosed at the time. 4.15am Monday 1st October. 0020 01/10/2018


·         *Burglary Residential. Tothall Lane, Dunnington. Workshop broken into and a quantity of tools stolen. Overnight 1st & 2ndOctober. 0363 02/10/2018

·         *Theft. Farm Premises, Dunnington. Outbuilding broken into. Two Polaris all-terrain vehicles (Worth £18,000 each), Kawasaki Quad Bike (Worth £4,000) and various tools stolen. Between 10pm 30th September and 6am 1st October. 0028 01/10/2018


·         *Burglary Residential. Binton. House broken into via first floor window. An untidy search of the premises has been made. Jewellery and car keys have then been stolen. A Mercedes E300 Coupe has then also been stolen from the premises. Between 10.30am and 8pm. 0437 03/10/2018


·         *Damage. Billesley. Locks on shed broken off in order to gain access. This wasn't achieved and nothing was stolen. Reported evening of Tuesday 2nd October. 0442 02/10/2018


·         *Vehicle Crime. Aston Cantlow to Wilmcote Road. Vauxhall Combo Works van broken into and items stolen including a Sander and an Extractor. Between 2pm and 3pm Wednesday 3rd October. 0278 03/10/2018

·         *Vehicle Crime. Aston Cantlow to Wilmcote Road. Works van entered and a tool bag with various tools in stolen from the rear. A White medium sized van was seen to drive off from the area at the time. 1.35pm Wednesday 3rd October. 0240 03/10/2018

·         *Suspicious Circumstances. Village Hall car park, Bearley Road, Aston Cantlow. Member of the public has seen tools being transferred from a small van to a larger van by the Hall. The smaller van then drove off from the area. On police arrival it was discovered that the larger van had been stolen from the Stratford area.    1.50pm 3rd October. 0238 03/10/2018


·         *Burglary Residential. Dorsington. Garden shed and Garage broken into. Intel from the scene suggest that two men were seen around the premises with a torch. The men had their faces covered. Various tools, two chainsaws, strimmer and lead blower stolen. The garage was broken into at 9.55pm Tuesday 2nd and the shed a bit later on into the morning of the 3rd. 0187 04/10/2018


·         *Burglary Residential. Caravan park, Binton Road, Welford. Garage entered and items stolen including, Red & Silver GasGas Motorcross trials bike, Black Chaos electric scooter and a Black & Red Scratch Trek mountain bike. Reported afternoon of 3rdOctober. 0354 03/10/2018

·         *Vehicle Crime. Barton Road, Welford. Front and rear number plate stolen from car, which was parked on driveway. Overnight 2nd & 3rd October. 0082 03/10/2018

·         *Vehicle Crime. Millers Close, Welford. Offender(s) have tried to gain access to works van by making a hole in the door next to the handle. Entry not gained, nothing stolen. Overnight 1st & 2nd October. 0184 02/10/2018


·         *Vehicle Crime. Inn car park, Clifford Chambers. Offenders have cut a hole in the door of a works van. A large amount of tools have then been stolen. Overnight 3rd & 4th October. 0095 04/10/2018


Published 07/10/18