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Think twice before carrying a knife

Did you know if you are caught carrying a knife you could:

  • Face a four year prison sentence.
  • Get a criminal record.
  • Ruin you employment prospects.
  • Ruin your chances of going to university.
  • Be banned from travelling to some countries, including the United States.

Chief Superintendent David Gardner said: "Before you take the decision to carry a knife think about the consequences. There are not just the consequences to you; the biggest consequence could come if you decide to use the knife and someone ends up getting seriously hurt or worse.

"People who carry knives make a conscious decision to do so. There is no excuse if you use it to commit a crime. Think twice, leave the knife at home."

Today (Tuesday 18 September) a week long knife surrender initiative aimed at making the region's streets safer by encouraging people to hand their weapons in anonymously at a police station.

Knife bins are located at the following police stations:

  • Leamington Spa
  • Nuneaton
  • Rugby
  • Stratford

Anyone can surrender a knife anonymously at one of these bins. There is no need to leave any personal details.

Possession of a knife carries can carry a prison sentence of up to four years. If you stab someone and they die you face a life sentence serving a minimum of 25 years.

People surrendering knives will not be required to leave any information but if police suspect a weapon may have been involved in a crime they will examine it for evidence.


Posted by Sam Cook, Communications Officer

Published 18/09/18