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All road users encouraged to 'Think Bike' during national motorcycle week of action

Warwickshire Police are reminding all road users to 'THINK BIKE' this coming week during the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) National Motorcycle Week (27th August - 2nd Sept).

Reducing motorcycle related collisions and casualties continues to be a priority for Warwickshire Police. The annual THINK BIKE campaign was launched in March this year with the aim of reducing casualties and fatalities across the County. Over the past three years in Warwickshire there have been 21 people killed and 216 seriously injured following collisions involving motorcycles.

The 'Think Bike' campaign aims to raise general awareness among all motorists and encourage all road users to share the road responsibly. Yellow signage promoting messages such as 'Think Bike', 'Ride Safely' and 'Check Your Mirrors for Bikes' continue to be sited on popular routes throughout the region where collisions have occurred over the past three years. These highlight routes where motorcyclists and drivers need to take care and be more aware.

Alongside the communications activity and education work, enforcement continues to take place to provide a highly visible deterrent to speeding motorists and motorcyclists as well as cracking down on inappropriate riding and nuisance offences such as noise. Enforcement will be ongoing throughout the week and will continue throughout the remainder of the year.

Superintendent Paul Moxley for Warwickshire Police comments: "Warwickshire is popular with bikers and many riders are attracted to the area, particularly at weekends and during the good weather. Our combined activity around education and enforcement is aiming to make motorcyclists and other road users more aware of the risks that are present when they are out on the roads and to help us reduce the amount of collisions that take place".