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Specials in Warwickshire help to keep county's roads safe

Over the weekend of 16 and 17 June, volunteers from the force's Special Constabulary gave up their own time to work alongside officers to carry out a roads policing operation within the county, as part of Operation Scorpion.

Throughout the weekend, officers checked numerous vehicles and their occupants using ANPR and intelligence data to target those who were suspected of committing motoring offences.Op Scorpion 1
Op Scorpion 1

On Saturday, 15 double-crewed cars worked across south Warwickshire and Rugby, carrying out high visibility patrols on the road, stopping and speaking with motorists, carrying out speed checks and making sure motorists had the correct driving documents. On the Sunday, 22 specials and six officers travelled on motorbikes and unmarked cars in Stratford to bring vehicles into a roadside check point at the leisure centre. Paul Bennett from the Motor Insurers' Bureau was also in attendance on the Saturday to assist with any insurance queries.Op Scorpion 2 Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
Op Scorpion 2

Over the weekend, 21 vehicles were seized for having either having no insurance or no tax. Seven people were reported for driving without tax, one person was reported for driving whilst disqualified and one person was arrested on suspicion of drink driving. 36 Traffic Offence Reports (TORs) were also submitted for offences including no front number plates, driving without a seatbelt and driving whilst disqualified. The recipients of these will now receive a letter from police advising them of intended prosecution for a traffic offence.

Following the operation, Special Sergeant Jamie Cole said: "More than 35 special constables volunteered their time over the weekend to assist with this operation, and we were only too pleased to be able to offer our assistance to our regular police colleagues in helping make the county's roads even safer.Op Scorpion 3 Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
Sp Sgt Jamie Cole, PC Pete Hayes & Sp Sgt Jennifer Fitchew

"I hope that our presence on the road had a positive effect, and raised awareness that we will continue to be proactive in making the road networks safe."

Paul Bennett from the Motor Insurers' Bureau said: "Over 30 special constables, supported by regular officers and police staff, targeted uninsured and untaxed vehicles using automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). It was fantastic to see the dedication, commitment and enthusiasm shown by officers from Warwickshire Special Constabulary and I was particularly impressed with their professionalism and knowledge of roads policing.  

"It was also extremely pleasing to see that officers were able to give members of the public advice on road safety issues. I look forward to working with Warwickshire officers in the future."

Chief Superintendent Alex Franklin-Smith from Warwickshire Police said: "I'm extremely appreciative of the efforts that have gone into this operation, both by our regular officers and from members of the Special Constabulary.

"As a force, we are committed to making our roads safer for all, and there is no doubt the impact of this operation has contributed to this objective. I'd like to thank everyone involved who helped to make Operation Scorpion a success."

Issued: 12.25pm, Friday 22 June, HCB, Corporate Communications

Published 22/06/18