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Visitors Permit Application Form

Applications must be made on behalf of the visitor by a person resident in that police force area. In most cases a private sponsor will be a certificate holder, but this is not a requirement.

The sponsor may be a private individual, or they may make the application in the capacity of a club, shooting syndicate, country estate or shooting organisation.

Group applications can be made for parties of between six and 20 people provided they are all shooting at the same location and at the same time, or are participating in the same event or competition. In such circumstances a reduced fee is payable. Please see our Fees section for more details.

Applications should be made well in advance of the required date, to allow the proper enquiries to be made. The information required must be provided by the sponsor to whom all inquiries will be made.


Criteria for granting a permit:

To grant a permit, the Chief Officer of Warwickshire Police must be satisfied that the applicant is visiting or intends to visit Great Britain and either:

in the case of a visitor's firearm permit, have good reason for having each firearm and the ammunition to which the permit relates in his possession, or, in the case of ammunition, for purchasing or acquiring it while a visitor to Great Britain

in the case of a visitor's shotgun permit, the applicant has a good reason for having each shotgun to which the permit relates in his possession, or for purchase or acquiring it, while they are a visitor to Great Britain

A Chief Officer of Warwickshire Police will not grant a permit to any person if he or she has reason to believe that:

their possessing ammunitions or weapons would present a danger to public safety or to the peace

they are prohibited from possessing such weapons or ammunition

When a permit is granted it will be sent to the sponsor who should forward it to the visitor in their country of origin, for presentation to customs on arrival in Great Britain. A visitor's permit will be accepted in lieu of a Department of Trade and Industry import licence. Failure to produce the permit at the time of importation may lead to the firearms and / or shotguns being detained or seized.

Members of EU countries must be in possession of a European Firearms Pass which must be forwarded with the application for the permit.

Should an application for the grant of a visitor's permit be refused, there is no right of appeal. Notification of such a refusal will, circumstances allowing, be detailed by letter in good time to prevent any unnecessary travel costs.