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Celebrating more than 1000 hours of volunteering

All kinds of people, from all walks of life, for all kinds of reasons volunteer with Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police. It's a way to get involved in policing and to give something back to the community. Below is a case study from one of our alliance volunteers, Special Constable Jessica Blake.

Jessica from Malvern, South Worcestershire, has been recognised for committing more than 1000 hours of volunteering during 2017 which has made her the top performing Special Constable within West Mercia Police.

Special Constabulary coordinator Sophie Paley said: "This is a huge achievement for Jess and something we are very proud of within the Special Constabulary.

"Many of our Special Constables go above and beyond what is expected of them, dedicating significant amounts of their time to assist with policing in our local areas, as well as managing commitments within their own personal life.

"The role of the Special Constabulary is not to replace regular police officers but to support and enhance the delivery of policing services through visibility, community engagement and protecting people from harm."

SC Jessica Blake said: "I commit the hours as I enjoy being part of a team that can contribute to the community and help others.

"I have been fortunate to work alongside Malvern A Shift, who has been incredibly supportive not only to me being a Special but through my degree.

"I have been given valuable opportunities to develop my skills which have included interviewing suspects.

"During 2017, around the hours working as a Special, I completed a full time Masters degree in Forensic Psychology at Coventry University and held down a part time job at a local farm shop."

The Special Constabulary is a force made up of trained volunteers, who are given the same powers as regular police offers to enable them to not only support their local police force but to also maintain that vital link between the police and the local community.

This is a fantastic achievement for both Jessica and West Mercia Police and we are enormously grateful to Jessica for her hard work and dedication to the force.

To find out more about what being a Special Constable entails, visit or

Issued: 9am, Monday 4 June, LK, Corporate Communications

Published 04/06/18