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8. Who do we disclose personal information to?

In order to carry out the purposes described under section 1 above Warwickshire Police may disclose personal information to a wide variety of recipients in any part of the world, including those from who personal data is obtained (as listed above). This may include disclosures to other law enforcement agencies, partner agencies working on crime reduction initiatives, partners in the Criminal Justice arena, Victim Support and to bodies or individuals working on our behalf such as IT contractors or survey organisations. We may also disclose to other bodies or individuals where necessary to prevent harm to individuals.

Disclosures of personal data will be made on a case-by-case basis, using the personal data appropriate to a specific purpose and circumstances, and with necessary controls in place.

Some of the bodies or individuals to which we may disclose personal data are situated outside of the European Union - some of which do not have laws that protect data protection rights as extensively as in the United Kingdom. If we do transfer personal information to such territories, we will take proper steps to ensure that it is adequately protected as required by the Data Protection Act.

Warwickshire Police will also disclose personal data to other bodies or individuals when required to do so by, or under, any act of legislation, by any rule of law, and by court order. This may include disclosures to the Child Maintenance Service, the National Fraud Initiative, the Home Office, and to the Courts.

Warwickshire Police may also disclose personal data on a discretionary basis for the purpose of, and in connection with, any legal proceedings or for obtaining legal advice.