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Crooks target Nuneaton and Bedworth residents in cruel scam

Scammers pretending to be police officers are tricking people in handing over money.

Member of the public are being warned of scammers who purport to be police officers so that they can trick their victims into handing over money.

This particular fraud sees criminals pose as police officers and try to convince victims that they have been a victim of fraud. They ask victims to leave their bank card and PIN number under their door mat and someone will come and collect them.

Police are aware of three such offences over the weekend in Nuneaton and Bedworth. In one case in Nuneaton on Sunday, a woman in her 80s was conned out of £700.

In the other two cases, the victims became suspicious and called police.

In these types of cases, criminals often target elderly and vulnerable people.

Chief Inspector Daf Goddard said: "This is a particularly despicable crime because it often targets elderly and vulnerable people, taking advantage of their trust of figures in authority.

"They often sound very convincing and can cause a great deal of distress to people who believe they have been a victim of a fraud when in fact they haven't.

"Police and banks never ask members of the public for their bank card or PIN number.

"If you or someone you know is contacted by someone claiming to be from the police and asking for your bank card and PIN number, hang up immediately and call the police using a different phone."

For more information on how to avoid becoming a victim of phone scams go to


Posted by Sam Cook, Communications Officer

Published 23/04/18