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Theft from a motor vehicle

What to do now?

You can contact the Police on 101 to report the Theft, visit a police station or alternatively use the .

If you are unsure of where your local police station is and what time it is open, you can check here.

If you wish to report that the Number Plates have been stolen off your vehicle, before contacting the police to report this, you must ensure that you are the registered keeper of the vehicle and have the following information:

  • The make, model and registration plate of the vehicle

You may also be asked the following questions when you make your report:

  • specifically which Number Plates were stolen - front and/or rear plates
  • whether the Number Plates were stuck on or screwed on

If you are calling to report the theft of Number Plates from a company vehicle then you must ensure that you have the following information:

  • The make, model and the Registration Plate of the vehicle
  • Details of the company including the name, address and contact number for the company - as the company would be recorded as the victim of the theft

If you are calling to report that something has been stolen from inside your vehicle such as a mobile phone, a dash cam or other items which you may have left in your vehicle, it would be useful to have the makes, models and serial numbers of the items. If you are able to provide any makes, models and serial numbers it means that we can search our systems to see if any of the items have been handed in. Also, by having specific information about property that has been stolen means that we can detail the stolen property onto the Crime Report whereby if your items are found at a later stage, the property can be searched for and would be traced back to yourself as your details would be on the Crime Report.

What happens next?

If you have reported the Number Plates as being stolen off your vehicle, once you have contacted the police, they will circulate the plates as stolen on the Police National Computer (PNC) as it may the case that the number plates are being used on another vehicle to commit another offence such as a theft of fuel. The police will issue you with a Crime Reference Number and after seven days of reporting your plates as stolen, anniversary checks will be completed so see if there have been any hits on the plates and you will be updated accordingly.

What else can I do?

If it is Number Plates that you have had stolen from your vehicle, then you can go ahead and replace them. If you are stopped for any reason by the police then you can provide them with the Crime Reference Number when explaining that you are driving the genuine vehicle.

If you or a neighbour has CCTV which covers the offence location, you could review this prior to calling the police and update them accordingly on whether there is any CCTV coverage of the offence and what it may show.

If the item that has been stolen from your vehicle is a mobile phone, a laptop a games console, a bike or a camera then you can register your property as stolen on which is the UK National Property Register. However you would need specific serial numbers for your items before you can register them on the website.