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A theft is to dishonestly appropriate or to destroy something belonging to another person with an intention to permanently deprive them of it.

Theft includes the following categories:

1 Theft from the person

A theft from the person is when someone has stolen something belonging to you and it was on your person. For example, if someone were to steal your mobile phone from your pocket.

2 Bicycle Theft

A bicycle theft is when someone has stolen your pedal cycle.

3 Other theft

This encompasses all other types of theft.

In this section you will find information on what you should do if you have been a victim of a theft and how to report it.

It is important that you report any incidences of theft to the police force for where the offence took place. If you are unsure of which police force you should be contacting then you can visit where you can input your Post Code into the "Find your neighbourhood" search and it will then bring back the corresponding police force.

Theft preventative advice

I am a victim of theft